Thursday, August 27, 2009


You've said it, meant it and they still don't get it. You've pictured it, painted it and they still don't see it. You've yelled it, sang it and they still can't hear it. You've signed it, mimed it and they still don't understand it. But if you feel it and can't live without it, then keep on giving it, with the faith that one day they will appreciate it and if not, then they'll miss it when you're no longer considering it.

"To Give Or Not To Give?"

She hates giving, which is selfish living, which equals a lonely life and that ain't living...So try a little giving and watch, he'll start to give in because without you, he knows, there would be no living.....

Monday, August 24, 2009

"For Little Miss Ware....Get Well Soon"

I just asked God to watch over you and all who are a part of you. Your child is God's child so I have no doubt that she will be clothed in the fabric of priceless blessings. I'm no deity, but as you sleep my soul will watch over yours making sure the devil doesn't hold your nose, killing your faith in knowing that tomorrow only gets better. So sleep easy, pray frequently and count your blessings instead sheep.......Get well soon Little Miss Ware

"Chocolate City"

In the City of Chocolate where my President is Black and my cab driver too!! The sounds of BackYard dance in my ears, like a Soca line. Bloated from the late night JUMBO SLICES, "Lactaid Please Take Me Away". Tonight it's chicken with mumbo sauce and Screen on the Green, "Rebel with a Cause", which has been the theme of my life. How perfect could the timing be?

"The Real Show Is In The Show"

The best thing about the Tiny and Toya show is the Love that Tiny's mom still has for her dad even while he's quickly losing his mind to Alzheimer's. Now that's the show I want to see Tiny's Mom and Dad in a show called "No mind, but you're still mine" (and I even did the honor of nameing the show) because I could never get enough lessons on how two people stick together for better or for worse.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Speed At Her Limit"

Just because you drive a fast car doesn't mean you always have to give Her gas. Slow down and learn to handle Her curves, like a Indy pro. And while others blow you fake air, roll down the window on Her life, stick your hand in Her hair and enjoy Her natural breeze. Take in Her scenic view with a focused eye so that she's always more than just a blur.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's true!! You can be in paradise without ever boarding a plane and flying to some exclusive beach with fresh coconuts, white sand, parakeets and palm trees.

You just have to promise to be exclusive with whom ever it is that gives you that Happy tan, the kind that when friends see you they say "Damn You're Glowing". Caught up in their wind, just let it take you and they will be all the fruit you'll ever need to feel sweet.

Friday, August 14, 2009

"How To Fly"

Trying to fly, but our wings and our feathers need to trust that they can work together. Not able to communicate only makes the eagle in us spiral down, where the vultures wait below, hungry to see us fall.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"I Can't Buy You A Cadillac, But I Can Say "THANK YOU"

The last three years of my life have been three of the most trying years that the good Lord above has ever placed upon my life to live. I mean, like many of us, my whole life has been trying, but for some reason the last three years have been just a bit more noticeable than the ones I've already lived and I'm sure for good reason. I quit a job after 10 years of service because I felt my service was unappreciated and getting me nowhere but angry. I lost a few friends, gained a few friends and a few existing friends have grown to be stronger friends, more than I could have ever imagined. Too busy complaining about the things that pain us, we often never take the time to praise the things that pleasure us. We never appreciate and see the meaning and purpose until the spots of trials and tribulations have all been cleaned away and we shine, like clear glass, but we really should practice on getting better at seeing through the fog.

Yesterday was my birthday, and all the well wishes were truly LOVED by me, which is why I'm writing this "THANK YOU" to express my appreciation to those who help to make me smile when it's often too hard to pull all the muscles together and crack one. I can't buy you a Cadillac, but I can salute you with honest words (and in no special order so don't complain....LOL) for honoring me on my special day......

THANK YOU: Kimberly Logan, Aunt Kyle Edwards, Aunt Shasta "Na Na" Edwards, Uncle Keith Rodgers, Cousin Vontez Morrow, Cousin Candice Long, Cousin Joi Haire, Uncle Jessie Haire, Aunt Donna Haire, Cousin Michi Haire, Cousin Raun Ruffin, Arlette Daluz, Kimberly Torres, Physent Walker, Aric Trimble, Mariah Hatcher, Loren Carino, Charmaine Turner, Kafi Guster, Tammy Linnear, Jyothi Raju, Candice Wilson, Kionna Hawkins, Megha Vora, Yesenia Paredes, Banafsheh Salmani, Shihevia Shugar Connor, Katie Vansant, Donnell Barrett, Harp K, Se' La Vi Sweets, Ian Beckford, Tatanisha Taylor-Hunter, Melanie Mack, Ahyoung Kim, Jacinda Green, Sherryma SmithChow Wong, Diane Sims, Dawn A Miller-Jackson, Tera Ellison, Raman Dherari, Treana Allen, Cherish Persaud, Levetta Futrell, Kimberly Monday, Arti Kapoor, Jermaine Carter, Qiana Hawkins, Michelle Corrales, Neesha Dennis, Stephanie Hill, Roxanne Estrada, Alfred Wynn, Michael Anthony Snowden, Danielle Brewer, Dolly Pop, Tanisha Ross, Quiana Grant, Bobby Brimmer, Joel Tramble, Angel Daniels, Dalana Thomas, Bridgette Williams-Ellison, Christie Ann MillsBrown, Bettina Hubbard-Lewis, Tiffany Hunter-Davis, Shana Travon-Tilan, Mitchell Marchand, Tiffaney Bell, Faith Conrad Sings, Jenny Jen, Karla Andrade, Mahal Jewelz, Tianna Brown, Sean Christopher, Sally Kashani, Vannika Bell, Miranda Bowden, Swathi Nakkana, Judy Dent, Aeysha Carr, Bianca Andrea Guzman, Jamayka Hamilton, Mya Leah, Beth Payne, Herbert Bohanon, Tera Williams, Mariama Afi Wrighster, Kianna James, Ashbinah Coney, Julia Guerrier, Stepanie Jinks, Faith Hardridge Betts, Courtney NeNe Favors, Seema Rana, Balyndah Bumpus, Deena Ware, Twyla Perry, Tiffany Thompson, Stephanie Lee, Kia Lyn Andrews, Fallon Dominique Harris, Q Quu Quu, Daphne Valerius, Celina Haenni, William T. Vandegrift, Inga Newson, Jamilah Linton, Josephine Leily...........

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"This is My Day": It is the one day we're allowed to be as vain as we want, as spoiled as can be and as close to the center of attention as we can get to centering ourselves; Demanding all the demands we can demand without a single no and the threat of being called "Selfish". It is the one day that Mom would allow school to be skipped and dinner to be eaten after cake. It's a self celebration reminding us to give living for others a break and try living a little for "OURSELVES"..........."HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME"

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"It's Love In A Dressing Room"

She sent a text telling me to meet Her inside of the dressing room at American Apparel, the Time Square Branch. "It's the door marked with a Heart drawn on with bright red Mac lipstick," at the far end, on the right. She then sent a second text telling me to knock on the door four times twice, "I LOVE YOU", once outside. She opened the door with Her back to me. She was wearing high heels with the red bottoms, a thigh high skirt with red Frederick's of Hollywood panties, the sexy kind with the crotch cut out, and a tank tee from the store whose fitting room we were commandeering. Her hair laid pretty over Her left shoulder, exposing a ripe neck ready for me to bite. At that moment I was Her Dracula, and She was my victim. Sucking with gentle pressure until Her neck was deep purple, my fangs were into Her with no plans of letting go, locked on Her throat, like a pit bull, I could feel Her Heart and it was beating strong for me.

With my left hand on Her chin, my index and middle finger massaging Her tongue, I stretched Her head back pointing Her eyes to the sky, and then I whispered instructions of how to play-public-passion with my tongue in Her ear interpreting, "Close your eyes tight. Pleasure is the flight. I am the pilot and co-pilot. So recline, relax and let me show you how to fly without ever lifting your feet. Not David Blane, but I was going to lift Her. Anxious to stroke my Darth Vader She reached back with Her hand, unzipped my pants and began. Now he has "ego," real big and cocky, needing a piece of Her pie to humble him properly. Neglecting Her nipples, I became a better daddy by tending to my responsibilities, squeezing them with my finger tips, like I was an infant feeding for milk. I then took Her right leg by the thigh and hiked it high upon the bench used for sitting while fitting, so that I could see Her butterfly from behind. I like how its wings spread when riding my wind. A City boy since seventy five, but I've always liked going down south because it's where the best eating is. My lips kissed Her bottom lips, and they kissed back with each grind and twist of Her hips, we were having great convo.

Lips to lips, I noticed between Her clitty, (or whatever She nicknames Her kitty) belly and corner pelvis area that there was a tattoo of a Black Heart. I took it as an omen, letting me know that more than just Her kitty needed stroking. Her faith and confidence in Love needed a touch up. Maybe the ink from my Heart is what She needed to brighten Her life up, so I grabbed Her hands and placed them on the side of my head to let Her know that She has me right in the palm of Her hands and that I wasn't going nowhere. With cotton finger tips, she played with my ears, working me like a joystick, I was Her Coleco and She was my Vision.

As an angry youth I hated school, but for the first time I had a teacher that I liked and wanted to learn from. I was being taught how to spoil Her sweet-sensitive spots. Enjoying the lesson, I was getting smarter by the lick. Just as I parked the limo in her garage, we were interrupted by a knock on the door, a female's voice followed, "Can I join in?" My eyes got big as a black face actor, but She quickly lowered the lids on my cooning when She turned Her head round, like an owl, and said, "You know I don't get down like that". I was disappointed that I even considered contradicting my own interest because I only like the one on one and not the one on two. I admired Her discipline for not being a statistic and proving that, "All girls don't carpet munch." Breaking character she was reminding me of why it is that I Love Her, which was making it hard to focus and be randomly raunchy. I pulled out and pulled out my phone and sent Her a text, "Babe you're fucking up the role me at the car, we can finish this at home...I4U."

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Warning!!! Too Much Hate Can Cause Severe Balding"

Cow licks now rest where your hair used to be. You're balding and not due to heredity or old age, but because your thumb and middle finger stays glued to the corners of your scalp, too much thinking of ways to keep hating on what you envy. Relax!! And apply a little growth on your mind or weave a little self esteem in. Whatever you do, make sure its %100 genuine and not that synthetic BS, just be real human or shave it bald, like a skinhead and be proud of your hate.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Recipe For Success

A Recipe For Success: 3 strong Women; Grandma, Mom and Auntie. A pinch of Pops never Loved Me. 1 strict uncle who made up for the Pops who never Loved Me. 1 world full of hate. 3 to 4 real friends who stick it out through thick and thin.
1 Loving spouse who also doubles as one of those real friends. A dash of failure because you're life has no taste without it. Blended with a whole lot God because without, what you bake would never rise.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Grown men still suckers for what's sweet. It's something about that Sugar. Makes us fiend, like all the Ghetto Pookies. Protective Mamas teach us as boys that it's bad for the Heart, but we ignore them, like unhealthy Grandmas who ignore the Doc and keep cooking with that salt. Word is, what taste good is usually all bad for you, but what would life be without tastes?.....Bland and very Boring!!!