Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disappointment Redemption

Is there a goon in the room or just a vacuum? Is it the mind or the conscience, or the conscience or the mind playing tricks? Making the see-er think that what's being seen, is what's being seen? Resurrected attraction chimes melodic in the wind. The sky opens up pouring a valley full of feelings. The Heart shifts in its safe, being moved around by a gentle thief with a perfect touch, trying to steal it. And a welcomed robbery at that, because it's been insured, but is the emotional premium worth the hike in price if it's all just an accident? Fear only scares those who can't see the light when it's dark, so the soul turns on its night vision to see what's possible, past the impossible and it's possible. When it hurts good it hurts good, but it's confusing when pain decides to dress in "hurts good" clothing, Deceiving!! And so comes the illusion; things appear the same, but don't feel the same. Multiple veins merged as one vein is how the flow should go. Peck slow kisses and soft fingertip affection tickles the tension, making the longing to bond bodies a conviction, but don't mistake Passion for a crime, the crime is in having no Passion. It's disappointment redemption. What you see is what you get, so "Fuck off" mind and just be happy with what you see.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mysterious Intentions

The mystery of someone's intentions is always the best part of getting familiar. If they like you, Love you, lust you, or just wanna friend zone you. What they see in you that you don't see in yourself or what they see in the two of you when you're used to just seeing for one of you. In the dark trying to find the switch, either you find the light or bang the hell out of your toes being clueless.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Halves Make All Things Whole

Her better half is what he wants to be. Somewhere Romantic, all coupled up and all cuddled up, with both feet barely buried in warm sand doing a toes tangle dance, while counting Heart shaped stars in a purple sky and listening to Purple Rain is how close to Her he wants to be. Asking without asking, he asked Her if She'd fight for him and not physically, but mentally because to him it would mean that Her feelings for him are just as strong as his feelings for Her. Together they make a great team, but can they play together happily without hating each other regretfully, indefinitely? Day and Night, his dreams fill fat with gorgeous visions of Her. Instead of sheep, he counts each moment that She's ever made him think happy, so in a letter he wrote before he slept he spoke, "I want more of you to count, so please wake me when you're ready to build a fort of those forever memories."

"He Likes Her"

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sound Of Music

There is nothing like the sound of Woman. And I don't mean the actual sound of sound, I mean the soothing sound of pure Womanhood. The loud tone of maturity is melodic!! Woman's wisdom is music to the ears, but only to those who appreciate this kind of symphony. Without Her, there would just be silence. The Heart would be flat, just a mute trying to read signs. New school or Old school you can find Her being played on every dial, but only the classics get their volume turned up. The Opera of relationship would be emotionless. The Gospel wouldn't be felt, feelings would just be hypocrites. 

So to the super producer producing this soulful rhythm that prevents our world from being full of noise, I am your biggest fan, your groupie with no plans of ever smearing your name or pirating your fine work. But I do have one request, keep composing your sweet serenade Miss Lady because not only me, but life is listening and it will applaud you with glued hands, giving you that eternal Standing O for as long as you're in the business of commanding the stage and giving "You" your all. "Success is your baton, now conduct the orchestra."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Epiphany #11

Hmmmm.........I just realized after all this effort put forth that sometimes you just gotta let them fall in Love with you. Put your best foot forward and trust that they'll like the steps you've been taking, and that they'll catch a sick fetish for your fashion of footwear. If not, then walk away, don't stand around on your heels until your soul is tired and worn out, just give'em the boot. Have faith in knowing that there's no one else who could ever fill your size. And when you decide to lace up again, make sure you've dusted all the smudge off clean because no one likes a person who wears dirty shoes.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


"Breakout your ego duster, your Windex for seeing the fake clearly, your Comet for scrubbing away the evil, and your Pledge for bringing out the shine because it's soul cleaning time. The amount of change found between the cushion of our lives always makes us that much richer."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something's In The Wind

Success is in the wind, like pollen, and only those allergic will be allergic. Hand on my Heart, facing the task with no pride, I promise to wear a permanent smile, like a Special Olympic Child. Aint no mountain high enough and Aint no barrel low enough for me to ever use the backs of others to climb my way up. The rise to the top isn't valuable if you don't earn your wings. Born to fly, I must have been a Wright Brother in my first life, so it's only right that I be a Right Brother in my current life. Dreams busy dreaming overtime, dreaming loud as Martin's speech, but turning the other cheek to get more sleep is lazy, enough's enough, it's time to pound the streets, take action and make dreams happen "By Any Means," like Malcolm preached. Success is in the wind so put your finger to it, channel Nike and 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Your Morning PSA

Women may not have "D$%KS" between their legs, but some of them act real cocky when they get a new man, and that's cool, but you might wanna make it last a while before you brag, unless you like the taste of foot in your mouth? Because let's be honest, it's in our nature (some men) to disappointment. This has been your Morning PSA or if that's to vulgar "WSA."

Monday, September 13, 2010

"My Sis...Just feeling some kind of way..." by Miranda Bowden

Miranda Bowden
I remember the way you laugh because mine sounds so familiar. I remember the way you smile because I scrunch my nose the same and my eyes squint. I remember the look on your face when you contemplated a question or thought, because we all look dazed or confused when we are deep in thought. I remember the arguments, the debates on topics that would never affect us. We were bull headed and stubborn and cut from the same cloth. I remember the flighty feeling you described. So much like your mother, knowing you would never settle long. I remember laughing at the jobs you would take for some reason or another or just because you could. I remember you calling me “big silly” because I was always smiling. I never let anyone still my shine. You made me promise. You made me swear. I remember the day we walked for hours and you told me life held no secrets, only the truths I wished to keep from myself. You asked me what made me “me”. I couldn’t answer just then and I never had a chance too. I remember you pushing my munchkin on the swings and teaching her the feeling of flying. She loved your embrace. She misses your face. When did you leave me? When did I cry? When was the day I would say you died? Tears flow when I think of my words scrawling across a page, knowing you would stay up late and read my stories like they were your own. I smile at your thoughts, I cry for my own self loss. I’m selfish when I remember why I wish you were here. Today is one of those days. I woke up wondering what my next step was, rather than feeling the freedom of just taking it. Tomorrow is my destiny because I would rather have today to remember yours! I miss you sis!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Being Blind Is Really Seeing

The best way to see Love is to be blind, and not the Ray Charles still feeling wrist kind of blind, but the put physical appearance-reliance out of mind kind of blind. What you see is what you get, but if you look beyond the surface of things there's always more to see. Turn your eyes off and try more listening. Have real faith in what you're feeling, and trust that even a dog will lead you in the right direction.

Friday, September 10, 2010

One Way

For the most part, Love is a one way street that you hope someone makes a wrong turn, in the right way, toward your way. Or that they ignore the signs that someone else has posted and decides to drive your way. Either way you should always keep driving toward destination, "Loving Way."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HBO "His Beauty Ode"

He wanted Her to be his Sloan, but it seemed like She wanted someone with an Entourage, someone who screams loud about their Gold. Patience is a virtue, so he was all for the taking it slow, but he's no Turtle, just a man who didn't mind hurdling a few hurdles. He thought She was worth his Chase, but not worth the Drama of trying to keep a straight face, while others kept winning Her race. Sunrise to sunset he fantasized about being Notebook emotional with Her; August sensitive and touchy-feely, like X head's jacked up on E. Used to only Street Love, She called him gay for listening to Lloyd, but if She only knew, She'd know, that he was just trying to teach Her Lessons in Love.

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Be Not......" by Keanna Nicole Bonner-Lewis

Keanna Nicole Bonner-Lewis
Be not my selfish Lover. Spread yourself all over me, make your presence known fore I am not shy nor shame faced. Who can bring shame to me? Give air to this broken vessel. Share a peaceful song with me, and when our song is over, fly far away.