Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Love affair with Rain....

....I personally Love the rain. And from time to time I don't mind cheating on the sun with it, for a little of its wet pleasure. Its melodic beating sound upon windowpanes, metal skins, plastic trash bins left standing empty curbside, its graceful ballet between tires and pavement, and its Savion like tapping on tree leaves provide a sensual playlist not avail on iTunes; for warm coco sipping and warm comfy cuddling (inter or outer or both course) with someone just as appreciative. I personally Love the Rain.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Ladies, If you're not a mute, deaf, and have no need for hearing aids, then it won't hurt and won't kill you to respond back with a simple civil smile, head nod or half hand wave (opposed to a whole open hand high five wave, as to not be mistaken for an invite to approach you for any further dialogue) when a man greets you "Hi!!" Trust me, there comes a time when the "Hi's and Hello's" for some start to fade and eventually flat out disappear, then you're left wishing along with all your other wishes and prayers, "Please someone, anybody just speak to me!!" Have you not noticed how desperate old Ladies are to talk? Take notes now. Not every man who says "Hi" wants to play house. It's just a "Hi!!"

Friday, March 2, 2012

Quotes Of The Me

‎"Admitting that I'm wrong or was wrong is such a rare confession confessed by me so that means my being right ratio is pretty impressive."