Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bilingual Hurt....

Siempre es su pérdida, nunca tuyo, así que mantenga su cabeza hacia arriba y sonrisa más grande que alguna vez ha sonrió ante ellos y después de ellos.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rush Hour Blues

....She looked at him with 405-bumper to bumper HATE, as if he was the dude who stole Her Heart and took it for just a quick thrill-joyride; wasting all Her Trust and Time. Naww, he saw the red in Her eyes, but didn't see it as a hazard, he clearly saw it as a signal, stopped all traffic and gladly welcomed Her in his lane. "That was dude who flipped you the bird and told you to get on, so please, drive your rage One Way, His Way!!" Is what he texted Her while diamond Laning.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dream On!!

...."Father time," liabilities, the reality of what we're good at and not good at, and the knowledge of knowing that we're not cats with nine lives doesn't always allow us to remain jaded by Life's Romantic Fantasies. Things get real adult and we get real youth-less and real nonfiction....Now I don't normally swear when I write, but "FUCK THAT!!" Dream On!! Don't let Life age you, let age-age you.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Sunday's Vent"

....Glass Heart with onion eyes in a coastline drive kind of mood. Solo held Pinot noir and cassette tapes with Love songs recorded by a teen crush, as an homage to what they once felt for you; spin on repeat, switching from A to B, B to A, like inconsistent pupils. Windows fully naked, "All pulled down," thinking and searching for answers in the wind, but the drive would make much more sense silent because the noise of everyone else's world is a bit too distracting. Confused and unable to think over the thinking, pre rolled Marley's zipped tight in a zip by a friend from Paris one summer back in Pitts, now consider being lit as a means of trying to escape from the emotional mess....."This is Sunday's Vent."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Bang!! Bang!!"

....Finger on emotions and it has a sensitive trigger. Whether hurt by Love or Loved by Love the Heart is jumpy; locked and loaded, always ready to pull it and fire at the drop of a joyous tear or at the pour of a venting cry. At the loud cackle of a Pretty smile or at the screaming sound of a frumpy frown. So you decide, which side of that barrel of feelings do you beg to be on? On the end kissing cold steel or on the end where you have a firm-responsible grip on how to handle having vulnerable life in your hands; having sudden impact by making their day everyday and not just a day?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brain Bawling.....

....With time, eyes start to see and notice things that they've never seen or noticed before; like certain aches, bruises and pains, and with no clue on how they got there, before and after before. Guess while in the midst, while in the thick of being hurt, the soul, and be it warranted or not, finds excuses to numb. Uneventful days become the day's event, more and more each day as storm harassed-seasons staggeredly pass. Drifting in the wind with nowhere to land, like lost ballons in the wind, until the air inside just evaporates, completely let out. Hit walls become standard housing, boxed in from all the un-hurdled obstacles. "Father's legs," running in place only gets the runner one place, "No Place!!" Still time becomes real time, motionless makes emotions more than less, "Depressed!!" Stressed to be a better self with no proper step, bowlegged and pigeon toed stumbling thru life with a weird kind of plant, expecting life to spoil and pamper the traveler by adjusting the ground underneath to balance the unbalanced. Fish scales littered in goalless streets represent the weak, "No Meat." Hooked on complaining, that's all that will ever be caught in a day's catch, is "Complaints." Hunt for Heart, Humility, Faith and Strength and throw misery back for only the miserable to feast, for there are much bigger dreams in the deep sea of bottomless potential to be dreamed and achieved, but eyes must first see the possibilities clearly and believe in what's being seen clearly......"Don't be one to blink thru it, Be One To See Thru It!!