Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If I Only Had A Dorothy....

She asked if I was some sort of Wizard the way I was passing out Heart. I told Her no, but with a little courage in me I could be Her L. Frank Baum and show Her the way to Oz where a little brain could send Her Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She smiled, clicked Her heels and eased on down the road. Leaving me with a stiff axe and having to oil my own Tin Man. If I only had a Dorothy who'd walk my brick road.......

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)

She's done it again and I Love it!!

Now, a really good friend of mine argured that I'm just a die hard Jazmine Sullivan fan so She believes I will Love anything Miss Sullivan does, well not true because I'm a big Spike Lee Fan and I had some creative dislikes about his last movie. (I won't mention the name of it because I want you to Google it and still support) So fan or no fan I will do my best to always avoid man's greatest weapon "LIE." With that said, I Love the energy of this song, it feels good and once again Jazmine's talent is pie for the ears. Sing On Jaz!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Being You Is An Art, So Paint Honest

My First Painting

Into the glass we look, arguing with the mirror of life about who we wanna be, like parents and teens disagreeing. Some of us are just grown-ass, lazy teens with bad life-ethic, thinking we can cheat being unique by shaping our mold like the molds of others, which in the end is how we come out all ugly and warped.Trying to fool the GodCasso that we're art is an insult to the painter who created painting, and who can spot a knock off; a fake, faster than counterfeit cops tipped by a snitch. It's much more wiser to face the flaws in our own reflections than to exist in the shadow of someone else's darkness, so be you, all of you and not just a shell of you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


"Family"........By definition; An institution living under one roof deriving from common stock, united by certain convictions or a common affiliation, "A fellowship." Family is the foundation by which many of us remain stable, be it mentally, physically or financially; we are honestly supposed to be each others back and not each others stab in the back. It is strength in numbers not strength in a number. Foreigners with a hunger for furthering the advance, set out to foreign lands with only one plan, sacrificing for their lambs. Whether directly, extended or married in, names may change and not always be spelled the same, but the blood in the veins remains the same. There is no I in team yet we continue to keep trying to spell it that way. Family is a syndicate, "A Mafia," so crime should never be internalized. It's Family not "Fam Me!!" There will always be battles, and "Things" will always try hard to come between, but in the end there should always be Peace so that the little ones underneath understand how to be a "Family." 
R.I.P GrandDaddy Leon

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank You With Love For The Love

So as you all may know I just had a birthday because each of you wished me a happy one. And as my born day ran its course, and as I downed two for one drinks at Sharkeez for about ummm....four hours straight, it dawned on me, while I was still sober, how much of a fan I have truly become of the simple things. Some of you know me personally and some of you know me socially, but for those who don't, I've done a few things, been a few places and shook a few hands in this short (and literally short) but bountiful life of mine. You can call it getting old, getting wiser, cultured or all of the above, well I call it "Getting Real Simple!!" Too often we get lost in riding the waves of someone else's belief when truthfully we don't even like surfing. With that rambling said, "I Thank You All For The Kind Birthday Wishes," which were the most priceless expressions of the simple things that anyone could ever spend on me and I appreciate y'all for making it rain, but don't hesitate to send gifts next year Ya Digggg!!!!!......LOL

ONE4...I'M OUT!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Pilgrimage Itinerary To You

I have tears on my mind. My Joy for the journey is emotional. With faith on cruise control, it's a trip worthy of each droplet of sweat once the maneuvering of potholes in the pavement of life have been successfully navigated, where even the blind man who's too stubborn to see couldn't get off course. Be a sponge my kindred friend, so that you too may cleanse in the many miles of a glorious pilgrimage while traveling the open road toward a better self. But before setting out you mustn't be too vain to check yourself whenever a tuneup is needed. Make sure that the maintenance for the Heart's Love is changed regularly, so that it pumps forgiveness and compassion Lovingly throughout the soul of your vessel. Green light....Go!! God Speed is the speed that the odometer should read so don't be afraid to push the limit because you won't win the race if your spiritual petro is low. But be careful, drive your drive with caution, false fantasies and the funk of failure sometimes like to dart across your lane, like white tail deer, testing your skill and confidence when it comes to dodging soul-killing obstacles.