Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fighting is Mandatory

Life's playground is grade school, "Ain't no arms strong enough to hold us back," and if there are then that means "Deep down inside we really didn't want to fight anyway." The key to winning is showing up at 3 o'clock because calling failure's bluff is the way to score the BIG knockouts.

Getting respect starts with respecting yourself first and that always comes from standing up for yourself. Failure can only bully you around if you never punch back, so fill your knuckles with confidence and faith, bob and weave all obstacles and swing for success because when it's time to count someone out you never want it to be you whose back is on the canvas facing up; you want it to be you who's bouncing, standing up ready to take on the next bout.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Come?......

How come after a runner wins a track meet and they're trying to replace the lungs with air that they don't just hold up one finger to the reporters before giving an interview, signaling "Hold up I need a minute to catch my breath"?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A.D.I.D.A.S "All Day I Dream About She"

She had the Body of a model walking the runway during fashion week, petite little frame, but much more curvy than those stick figure dames. She danced real sexy, like a dancehall queen. I held her hips with my eyes and stayed on beat with my mind as she showed me how perfect her body and feet could mingle. At that moment I wanted to be a part of her, and it didn't matter what part, just a part.

Goose bumps on my tongue, I couldn't find the words so I stayed stuck in my shoes, like Mafi victims sleeping deep with the fishes. It wasn't about courage or ego, I just didn't want to ruin her evening or the one chance I had to make her glad; glad that she decided to leave her pad, glad she did her hair the way that it was did and glad she hung out with the friend she did because that friend would be the reason why we connected.

Nerves on level 12, I was sweating, like a fat kid climbing two stairs, and as I dried my sweaty palms on the pockets of my pants I noticed that every other man was hard at work trying to execute their own plan. Raised to be a real man, but I suddenly dipped my chin, raised the white flag and gave up on dreaming of what she could possibly mean to me and I to her. And not because I was giving up, but because she smiled like she enjoyed the attention and because I dreaded the reaper of rejection.

My friends signed the "let's bounce" sign so I headed for the exit, and as I crossed her life I shyly handed her a business card, but I had no business saying goodbye via the cowardly way. Alone in my car, all the way home regretting the regret; Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda bounced around in my head, like a pin ball. With Cupid on one shoulder preaching me an earful for dropping the ball, God appeared on the other shoulder and said, "leave him alone" then blessed me with a number and said, "now call".....
Photo Model: Raeven Western

Monday, January 18, 2010

My first post of the year....Happy New Year To Me

The greatest move I could ever make is to just move. Let my feet be the wind that blows me in the clouds stuffed full of my plans, plans that I plan to rain down on the canvas of life, bleeding it's fabric with the bright side of strife. Plans I've had since I first shot them to the sky when I was aware that I could dream, which was around the age of 6 going on 16. Tucked tight between the threads of my sheets with no religion I planned not prayed, but either way God heard it the same because I'm still planning and someone is still listening.