Friday, October 26, 2012

"Bank Of Love...."

....We applaud them for speaking their peace, for being the bank of honesty that we can trust in, yet we withdraw from the institution of happy and deposit into the institution of unhappy whenever their Heart tries to bond, and rain all its riches. Afraid of successful Love, they then become something we no longer want to invest in, leaving the emotional vault empty, "LoveRupt!!" Making no cents at all....Zero!!

Monday, October 15, 2012


.....Letting Her know that he liked Her, that his interest in Her Life was more than just a platonic interest was Romantically empowering for the normally so timid hopeless Romantic, whom because of past trauma to the Heart wasn't the most forthcoming-emotional exhibitionist of late, for fear of being wrong about mutuality. And not because confidence lacked, but because losing to him is a pet peeve so least desired. His patience for time, She was the prize that he felt he deserved and earned. The reveal was unrehearsed; raw and honest dialogue, the kind that ink the pages of Love Blissed-Happy stories that begin and end well. But even in truth there is untrue, not a lie or lies, just untrue.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Douse Flames....

....Old Flames with an addiction for being mania with their pyro, torch all things sentimental; memories that matter most, feelings for them are nothing but fuel, coal for the cold. Never should this arson be blessed with cat lives in your life. Playing with your match is deceptive light. And once the joy from the strike is struck they comfort in your fire, like Diablo, letting your emotions burn inside until there is nothing left, but empty ash. "Be a rock, don't be rocked and sparks with the right rock will be fire that works.