Monday, August 24, 2009

"For Little Miss Ware....Get Well Soon"

I just asked God to watch over you and all who are a part of you. Your child is God's child so I have no doubt that she will be clothed in the fabric of priceless blessings. I'm no deity, but as you sleep my soul will watch over yours making sure the devil doesn't hold your nose, killing your faith in knowing that tomorrow only gets better. So sleep easy, pray frequently and count your blessings instead sheep.......Get well soon Little Miss Ware

"Chocolate City"

In the City of Chocolate where my President is Black and my cab driver too!! The sounds of BackYard dance in my ears, like a Soca line. Bloated from the late night JUMBO SLICES, "Lactaid Please Take Me Away". Tonight it's chicken with mumbo sauce and Screen on the Green, "Rebel with a Cause", which has been the theme of my life. How perfect could the timing be?

"The Real Show Is In The Show"

The best thing about the Tiny and Toya show is the Love that Tiny's mom still has for her dad even while he's quickly losing his mind to Alzheimer's. Now that's the show I want to see Tiny's Mom and Dad in a show called "No mind, but you're still mine" (and I even did the honor of nameing the show) because I could never get enough lessons on how two people stick together for better or for worse.