Wednesday, August 3, 2016

An Eye For An Eye........

........Liking someone more than they like you is such a tough feeling to navigate. Most crash before the driving ever takes place. It's an Emotional Battle with Balance. You fiend for them to miss you the way you miss them, even if it's only been a few seconds, minutes, or hours elapsed between the time you last spoke with them. You fiend for them to get lost in that same space you've gotten lost in, where day dreams of sentimental scenes starring them are dreamed. You desire them to desire the same desires as you do and more. You kiss the back of your hand simulating a kiss between your lips, and you hope they simulate the same kiss you've kissed. First and last to text, you wish for the wins to be neck and neck, both beating one another to the punch evenly. The climax you reach for putting smiles on their face, you hope they lust the same kind of orgasmic. The Proactive-Premeditated Effort you put toward their Happiness you crave they're just as calculated. It's not about an eye for and eye, but it's an eye for an eye. Hand to hand, you practice clutching your fingers together so that you're familiar with the expression "As One" when you're fingers finally meets theirs, and you wish for your dedication to be a dedication they're just as dedicated to. Head resting on hands palm to palm, you pray to Jehovah, Jesus, or Allah and beg that one of them is listening, so that the message reaches them, "Her" clearly. Liking someone more than they like you is such a tough feeling to navigate.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Facts according to Life........

.......The most favorite thing I know, is that everyone tells at least one lie.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


........Sometimes for your own sanity you must give your Love for them a funeral. Kiss the feelings and Emotions gently on the cheek, then whisper "Rest in Peace." No tears, it's in a better place now. Seal the coffin with a smile, no need to throw dirt on it.

Friday, January 9, 2015


.....It's Her Shadow he envies and wants to be, because it shares Her with no one. It hides Her when She most needs to be hidden. Occasionally only showing face when the sun just happens to be in the right place, and only then. Vampire in Her night, its the Love in Her Heart that feeds the appetite. "It's Her Shadow he envies and wants to be though, because it shares Her with no one."

Monday, December 15, 2014


........Knight and Shining, "Her Armor."
But is the weld well? Jousting doubt for the prize, "Her Heart." No keys to Her chastity, trying to break the lock. "Rapunzel, let your hair down and climb away with he. For there is far more beyond that tiny little window that is trying to make you believe that you have seen all that you can see." A Sleeping Beauty She's been. Kiss he, and wake up from all the years of lost dreaming, to finally dream the dreams that remind you that you're living. Summer in the winter, an available nose flares wide open smelling the fresh scent of resurrection. Her Resurrection. It's redemption. No victim, The Victor. Losing is the illusion, winning is the real magic. She is magic. Seen all in Her eye; Her third, right and left. Sexy!! She flaunts Her appeal, confident appeal, like nice legs in mini skirts and high heels. Drawn to Her light trying not to be blinded by Her taste for extreme thrill. To avoid becoming just another face in Her option race. "Knight and Shining, "Her Armor." But is the weld well?" 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scorpion Flower....

.....Scorpion Flower. Her sting is Tortured Bliss. Violent with Her touch, it's purposeful, but to whom more? You or Her? She fingers Emotions, pulls on them, like puppet strings. Making Pinocchio's who are no more than just hard wood move how She wants them to move and when She wants them to move. It's Her Art, like puppeteers. Scorpion Flower. Her sting is Tortured Bliss.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Full of Grace........"

....Full of Grace. Hail, not hell. All burn, no ash. Her mirrors are smoke free. She's the cross to bury the past. For Her, one must fast, and not move fast. It's the crease in Her smile that makes the chase for miles all worthwhile. It's subtle, wide and mistaken for not polite even. All teeth showing She means it honestly. Pep in Her 9's, She lends a few, too kind, when the clouds shade bright the color of night, erasing any thoughts of exhausting 9 lives. Daddies Son, but not Daddies Son, plan's to stick around whether this thing between is lost or found. When the sun shines blind, She can still show you the light. When the wind decides mute, and blows all silent you can still feel the cool in Her breeze. The grip in Her fingers never leave lonely palms lonely. She's dreamy, but non fiction amongst the fiction fixated on jaded. Her ripples, calm as still lakes. Pressure burst pipes, but Her pressure on pipes burst with Pleasure.......Full of Grace. Hail, not hell. All burn, no ash. Her mirrors are smoke free.......

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Been A While......

....Lips for hire, but no pay required. No charity, gentle touches are volunteered. Heart for Heart, transplanting mutual Feelings is the Feeling wanting to be filled, needing to be filled. Affectionate and Attentive compliments now, but back then, Never!! Guess realizing needed time to realize. Timid, like kid's first day at kindergarten. Afraid to step on in and learn what's never been learned. Schooling at home is teaching it wrong. Home isn't always where the Heart is, sometimes it's in a world "Far From The Madding Crowd." Best for Marriage, Worst for Work, yet They Work. Lust is Love, not Loving to Lust. Different for others, but this is Truth, Trust......

Thursday, March 20, 2014


........Her taste, he wonders. Her fears, he knows not enough about them. Her Lover’s, he envies. Her Family, he wants to be a part of. Her Heart, he wants to be responsible for. Her past, he doesn’t want to change, but Her future he does. Her child, he wants to father. Her arms, he wants to rest in. Her kisses, he wants to exchange his for. Her joys, he wants to share in. Her pains, he wants to ease. Her secrets, he cares to know about, but cares nothing about. Her Devil and Her Angel, he wants to know them both. Her story, he wants to read more of, and never read enough. Her, Her and Her, he wants more of.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Electric Red......

....Lips painted Electric Red, but is Her Heart too? Invited by every man, but is the one She makes the one, the one? Infamous Beauty, but is Her Ugly just as Pretty? "Lips painted Electric Red, but is Her Heart too?

Saturday, September 28, 2013


....Go ahead, let them stick their name in your sand, because I like being the ocean that I am. Plus my tide erases all the temporary things.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Annoyed With Being Annoying........

......Annoyed with being annoying. Avoid being voided is the voyage. "Strike one!!" No two or three, can't afford it. Swing for the fence, not the bench. She claws, like lions fighting when clawing. Serpent of the night, She chews and spits them out, "Praying Mantis." In Her hive is where the bear wants to bee, licking Her honey til it's bare and all honey free. Dreams Dream Too Dreamy. Cup on empty, begging for it to spilleth over, runneth over. Her Faithful Parishioner, thirsting for Her Holy Water. Fighting thru the Knights, night after night for a seat at Her RoundTable. Next to them his sward  appears dull, the curse, not the weakness of being a Lover and not a fighter. "Annoyed with being annoying."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"His Investment's Return"

.....He only gets jealous when it comes to Her, which is never a good representation of one's confidence, but he'd always much rather be represented by his honesty, than by his deceiving. He's wanted Her so bad, for season after season, so much so that he sold off pieces of his bravado, his assuredness, and his cockiness in hopes of cashing in on Her caramel-pearl gold, "Her prize," to simply have a place in Her life worth its weight in meaning. "Sometimes he gets jealous and this is why......"

Monday, August 12, 2013

"Purple Rain"

.....Babies Tears and Eggshells he walks on. But magic carpets and day dreams he floats on. It's the steel in Her smile and the Goofy in Her tickle, "Her laugh" that quakes his giggle silently loud. It's the freedom between Her thighs and the Love in Her Heart that hides, but seeks to be found. It's  Her taste in music, Her fiend for rhythm. It's Her soul's addiction for social venting. Her Living with no apologies. Her Life's Limits, there are none. Her curves; his fingers fiend to trace and walk on, dance on and whisper kisses on. Her desired flavor; this month, the next, the next after that, then after that and so on. Her elusive presence; hardly seen so the hunt for Her breed intensifies. Her trophy, "Top Prize." Goose bumps rise like mini mountains and lust trembles his body, like bass beats. An atheist he'll be for this Beautiful Devil......."Amen!!"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vegas, The Sin In Her City......

....Got lost in the steam of it all, didn't realize it was just the fog being a fraud. She spoke razor and made him dream of it all, dank in his vein, leaving him to fiend for Her call. The sin in Her city he wanted to be Her Vegas, but She seemed apprehensive, too scared to bet on him, or maybe he wasn't worth the gamble to Her, or maybe She just wasn't a gambler. The dealer She is though so the decks in Her hands, it always is, and he's just a number seated in place, waiting to be dealt with, tapped on the shoulder and Knighted. Got lost in the steam of it all, didn't realize it was just the fog being a fraud though.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spiteless is right......

......Been in Love a time or two, when the feeling wasn't mutual. I blamed and shamed Her for not being in Love with me too, and that's wrong to do, but what would you do? Exactly!! You'd hurt spitefully too.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letters Of Love....Postage Paid!!

......What a blessing it's been to have received your attention, goes without mention. Thankful for your invention, my life has new mission, "To Earn You Miss's." Attracted to your resilience. Hurdling the fences meant to cripple your potential is Olympic. Epic is our pairing, "Electric!!" We are power. Party for two, "I want to eat my cake only with you.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quotes Of The Day......By Me

"....Superman was the result of someone wanting to be something other than self. Just be Clark, it's ok. ......And that's a Superman, being Self!!"

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Quotes Of The Day....By Me

"....A sucker for meetings that never went nowhere. Even missed connections are meant to be, because how else would you know what's meant to be, when it's meant to be?"

Sunday, March 31, 2013


...."Aggression!!"It's a challenge to balance, to ration out. Not enough, you starve progression. Too much, you learn a greedy lesson.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Our Dreaming...."

....How do certain people end up in our dreams when we never casted them for the scene? Is it the Heart or the mind that's liable for this choosing? Or is it God doing all the directing? When we awake and feel like Newporting, "Smoking" when we've never been a smoker. Should we call or text them in the morning saying thank you for all the selfless pleasing? When we awake relieved of stresses that existed prior to us closing our lids on life, long before they showed up in the middle of the night, in the middle of our minds grabbing us compassionately firm by hand, demanding we jog with them, with permanently painted on smiles thru a field of pearl colored sunflowers made of long soft kisses. Do we send them sunflowers in the AM with a card that reads "Thank You For Running With Me?" I mean how does this work?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Morning Wise"

....Shit is heavy when there's no spirit in the lifting. The load of Life is real feather, "Light!!" Whenever the legs carrying are massaged with strong and stand sturdy on Faith. "So Run Along Now, Ya Hear? And complain at the finish.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

"The Opposite One...."

....The opposite one, attracted to the Attractive one. An Angel, he sees Heaven in Her smile and Pleasure in Her miles, "Her Experience." Abrasive with Her decision making, brittle feelings break easy, like confection if the bearer doesn't understand Her riddles, "She has none!!" Affection is to remain mute, "Shhhhh" until the volume on the mushy knob is called upon to be turnt up, like Southerners on a Sat night down in Bankhead high off Molly's and homemade moonshine....Yeah She's this interesting to sit down and pen, but only those who comprehend "The opposite one, attracted to the Attractive one" will comprehend .

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


....Every Woman I meet or have met at first introduction, my intention or intentions are to do more than just meat Her. To do more than just sleep with Her for ego, or to do more than just one night Her by deceiving Her. No, She gets the lead in my dreams with no audition, with all the bells and whistles ringing like it's Time Square at 12mid New Year, and without ever having to cast couch me. It's honestly-honest, but then life happens; feelings don't parallel, second thoughts are heavily thought, emotions aren't mutual, dreams don't fin fairytale and there's no yard with the picket fence future in either one of our futures, when either one of us or both just wants to live single in a single. And sometimes, more often then not these days She's the decider who decides to just be casual. The bundle of energy who chooses to be disconnected while still choosing to connect. Maybe it's a defense to fence in Her Love&trust, and fence out Her pain&hurt. Or maybe She's just been numbed by all the bad choices made, or by all times She's been played and just stopped giving a F%#k!! We become just a temporary part to fill in the missing parts temporarily. How did we get here? Better yet how do we get out of here?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Love Tap"

....Below Her chin, and above where Her collarbones meet, is where Her Heart beats so a vampire I be. Place my lips upon the place in which hickeys usually decorate the necks of hormonal teens who've been heavy with their necking, and suck deeply until I tap into Her Love.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love Diction....

....One shot and he was drunk, he called Her Brandi. Sweet like maple, She was Canadian. A model of perfection; born mixed, but his feelings for Her weren't mixed, they were meant. Both lost in a storm of bad relationships, caught up in a hurricane of hurt, left drifting on a cold tide of salty emotions. But sure as the sun sets, there is always light in the horizon and it is Her that makes his light bright. Message in a bottle, he hoped She'd get the message. Time heals and what feels, feels even better when the weather is cloudless and the cries are loud less. In his letter he mentions, written with just eight letters he vents it, the diction, that gives him reason to still believe in Dreaming.

Friday, October 26, 2012

"Bank Of Love...."

....We applaud them for speaking their peace, for being the bank of honesty that we can trust in, yet we withdraw from the institution of happy and deposit into the institution of unhappy whenever their Heart tries to bond, and rain all its riches. Afraid of successful Love, they then become something we no longer want to invest in, leaving the emotional vault empty, "LoveRupt!!" Making no cents at all....Zero!!

Monday, October 15, 2012


.....Letting Her know that he liked Her, that his interest in Her Life was more than just a platonic interest was Romantically empowering for the normally so timid hopeless Romantic, whom because of past trauma to the Heart wasn't the most forthcoming-emotional exhibitionist of late, for fear of being wrong about mutuality. And not because confidence lacked, but because losing to him is a pet peeve so least desired. His patience for time, She was the prize that he felt he deserved and earned. The reveal was unrehearsed; raw and honest dialogue, the kind that ink the pages of Love Blissed-Happy stories that begin and end well. But even in truth there is untrue, not a lie or lies, just untrue.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Douse Flames....

....Old Flames with an addiction for being mania with their pyro, torch all things sentimental; memories that matter most, feelings for them are nothing but fuel, coal for the cold. Never should this arson be blessed with cat lives in your life. Playing with your match is deceptive light. And once the joy from the strike is struck they comfort in your fire, like Diablo, letting your emotions burn inside until there is nothing left, but empty ash. "Be a rock, don't be rocked and sparks with the right rock will be fire that works.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life's Pile....

....In that pile, buried quietly underneath all the airless chatter lies a sonnet of promise, a marriage of letters that are more than just words....It is Truth

Friday, August 3, 2012

"To Her, From Us...."

....If his eyes are too blind to see heaven inside yours....
His feelings too numb to feel the warm joy of being nested in the cuddle of your arms....
His Heart too Heartless to know what real Love beats like....
His ears to deaf to hear your pain screaming for him to acknowledge his mistakes and learn from them....
Then all his refuses to do, I will gladly do and do them gladly......
Have A Great Day!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bilingual Hurt....

Siempre es su pérdida, nunca tuyo, así que mantenga su cabeza hacia arriba y sonrisa más grande que alguna vez ha sonrió ante ellos y después de ellos.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rush Hour Blues

....She looked at him with 405-bumper to bumper HATE, as if he was the dude who stole Her Heart and took it for just a quick thrill-joyride; wasting all Her Trust and Time. Naww, he saw the red in Her eyes, but didn't see it as a hazard, he clearly saw it as a signal, stopped all traffic and gladly welcomed Her in his lane. "That was dude who flipped you the bird and told you to get on, so please, drive your rage One Way, His Way!!" Is what he texted Her while diamond Laning.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dream On!!

...."Father time," liabilities, the reality of what we're good at and not good at, and the knowledge of knowing that we're not cats with nine lives doesn't always allow us to remain jaded by Life's Romantic Fantasies. Things get real adult and we get real youth-less and real nonfiction....Now I don't normally swear when I write, but "FUCK THAT!!" Dream On!! Don't let Life age you, let age-age you.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Sunday's Vent"

....Glass Heart with onion eyes in a coastline drive kind of mood. Solo held Pinot noir and cassette tapes with Love songs recorded by a teen crush, as an homage to what they once felt for you; spin on repeat, switching from A to B, B to A, like inconsistent pupils. Windows fully naked, "All pulled down," thinking and searching for answers in the wind, but the drive would make much more sense silent because the noise of everyone else's world is a bit too distracting. Confused and unable to think over the thinking, pre rolled Marley's zipped tight in a zip by a friend from Paris one summer back in Pitts, now consider being lit as a means of trying to escape from the emotional mess....."This is Sunday's Vent."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Bang!! Bang!!"

....Finger on emotions and it has a sensitive trigger. Whether hurt by Love or Loved by Love the Heart is jumpy; locked and loaded, always ready to pull it and fire at the drop of a joyous tear or at the pour of a venting cry. At the loud cackle of a Pretty smile or at the screaming sound of a frumpy frown. So you decide, which side of that barrel of feelings do you beg to be on? On the end kissing cold steel or on the end where you have a firm-responsible grip on how to handle having vulnerable life in your hands; having sudden impact by making their day everyday and not just a day?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brain Bawling.....

....With time, eyes start to see and notice things that they've never seen or noticed before; like certain aches, bruises and pains, and with no clue on how they got there, before and after before. Guess while in the midst, while in the thick of being hurt, the soul, and be it warranted or not, finds excuses to numb. Uneventful days become the day's event, more and more each day as storm harassed-seasons staggeredly pass. Drifting in the wind with nowhere to land, like lost ballons in the wind, until the air inside just evaporates, completely let out. Hit walls become standard housing, boxed in from all the un-hurdled obstacles. "Father's legs," running in place only gets the runner one place, "No Place!!" Still time becomes real time, motionless makes emotions more than less, "Depressed!!" Stressed to be a better self with no proper step, bowlegged and pigeon toed stumbling thru life with a weird kind of plant, expecting life to spoil and pamper the traveler by adjusting the ground underneath to balance the unbalanced. Fish scales littered in goalless streets represent the weak, "No Meat." Hooked on complaining, that's all that will ever be caught in a day's catch, is "Complaints." Hunt for Heart, Humility, Faith and Strength and throw misery back for only the miserable to feast, for there are much bigger dreams in the deep sea of bottomless potential to be dreamed and achieved, but eyes must first see the possibilities clearly and believe in what's being seen clearly......"Don't be one to blink thru it, Be One To See Thru It!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pickled Love....

........Caught between a past where the chapter has ended, but the story so appealing, makes one continue wanting to read over and over again, hoping that ending never ended; and between a future that's yet to be figured out, but worth the figuring out. This is Love at its most confusing, "Stuck in the middle" trying to figure out; which side to run to or which side to run far away from?

Monday, May 14, 2012


"....Stars humbled by the day to day ups and down, sit in the sky with a calm patience waiting in no rush, earning their time to shine. It's the shooting ones that have to be all fast and flashy with no time for time. Unaware that the cloud of dust that they leave Is usually just a fleeting memory that's sure to fade...."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Airless Complaint

We may B%@!H, moan, complain and get our briefs all in a bunch when you (You as in Woman You) hijack us for our socks, T-shirts, shaving razors, and especially when you dip your fingers in our plates after we just asked "Do you want anything?" And you say "No, I'm not hungry." But if you didn't exist in our little Brut space we'd B%@!H, moan, complain and get our briefs all in a bunch wishing we did have you around to hijack us for our socks, T-shirts, shaving razors....etc

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Daddies Issues should never become your issue."

I just realized, well officially clicked-realized after reading thousands upon thousands of Women's Tweets, Facebook statues, Blogger Post and after having millions of conversations with Women; face to face, phone to phone or via email or text that most Women's issues with men (warranted or not) are definitely a direct result of daddy issues. So here's my point, "Don't date nobody until you've gotten proper counseling." Don't suddenly rebel into Lesbianism when you're not gay, don't purchase no more bags, shoes, Spa Days at Burke Williams or anymore of those daily field trips to Yogurtland....No!! Just buy yourself some couch time and detox daddy out. Trust me, you'll Love better afterwards and you'll be Loved better afterwards because "A Moth Never Avoids A Flame.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Invention Of Their Noise

He tapped imagination on the forehead and said, "I wish I could be the new guy on the scene, the friend of a friend who spots you from across the room instantly, like zoom. And with no hesitation, slides your way, like a bunch Midwest folk dancing to that Cupid song; grabs you by the hand and says "Let's ditch this place and go somewhere quiet where we can make our own noise....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Miss Earth Tone, Oh how I'd like to meet you

I want Her Life to be a palette of Earth Tones: 
Brown so that She understands my Soul. 
Sometimes Grey so that I can brighten Her gloomy days. 
A little Green between the seams so that I can dirty Her up.
Red so that Her Love is always Fiery, Deep, Romantic and Very Passionate for Herself first, then me. 
And White so that the Angel in Her calms the devil in Her.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorry Ladies, but I'm not a "BeWeaver."

I am a weave Nazi. I am anti lace fronts, glue and tracks. Maybe that's why I'm single, because I refuse to pull someone else's hair in someone else's head. But I do Love hair....LOL

Vintage Love

On flammable paper, written in red ink he cursived a wish, "Send someone with a vintage kind of Love to hold hands with," then with his Zippo lit. Fingers stuck, like mating canines. Her hand glued to his hand and his hand glued to Hers, he begs for a bond that's Super, so with Notebook devotion he kneels at the mercy of companionship with a promise to be a stand up man who's loyal to feelings and emotions, who walks on two legs instead of four, like a DoberMan. Locked in Love, like the Boys and Girls logo, there's only one club he wants to be a member of and that's the Union of Her.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Love affair with Rain....

....I personally Love the rain. And from time to time I don't mind cheating on the sun with it, for a little of its wet pleasure. Its melodic beating sound upon windowpanes, metal skins, plastic trash bins left standing empty curbside, its graceful ballet between tires and pavement, and its Savion like tapping on tree leaves provide a sensual playlist not avail on iTunes; for warm coco sipping and warm comfy cuddling (inter or outer or both course) with someone just as appreciative. I personally Love the Rain.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Ladies, If you're not a mute, deaf, and have no need for hearing aids, then it won't hurt and won't kill you to respond back with a simple civil smile, head nod or half hand wave (opposed to a whole open hand high five wave, as to not be mistaken for an invite to approach you for any further dialogue) when a man greets you "Hi!!" Trust me, there comes a time when the "Hi's and Hello's" for some start to fade and eventually flat out disappear, then you're left wishing along with all your other wishes and prayers, "Please someone, anybody just speak to me!!" Have you not noticed how desperate old Ladies are to talk? Take notes now. Not every man who says "Hi" wants to play house. It's just a "Hi!!"

Friday, March 2, 2012

Quotes Of The Me

‎"Admitting that I'm wrong or was wrong is such a rare confession confessed by me so that means my being right ratio is pretty impressive."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

War Of The Love's....The Rewrite

Thoughts of Her always invade his mind, even when he tries with Light-Saber thinking to fight the invasion. When She smiles it's brighter than the solar, but some nights She's just too damn full of Herself, like the moon. Selfish with Her space, She's a blonde when it comes to understanding the real science of relationship, "You can't be the only star in it." Still, In his scope She is out of this world, but in Her world he's just an Alien trying to make contact. This saga here is called, "War Of The Love's.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vday Blues

"....That's ok I'll be my own Valentine." Well that's cool, and if masking the pain of being sans a date works for you that way, on that day, then ok, but I think it's just another way of saying "I am bitterly depressed that I'm all alone and have no one to participate in the (for the most part) staged show of Temporary Love and Affection." (fleeting as we speak) But hear me out, I do understand just how important it is for some of you to have Love on display; receiving flowers, cards and candy at work or school for all your "Haters or Congratulaters" to see, It feeds your "I'm A Cool Kid Ego" and makes those who didn't receive the Love-Expression treats feel just as shitty as you would be if you weren't the recipient. So trust me, feeling specially Loved for one day should really be the least of your worries, it's the other 364 you should be concerned about.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Quotes Of The Me

"Kissing is the Bridge to Passion and Romance. And nice lips and fresh breath is what you need for us to cross that bridge."

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Detox Daddy

I just realized, well officially clicked-realized after reading thousands upon thousands of Women's Tweets, FB Statues, Blog Post and after having millions of conversations with Women; face to face, phone to phone or via email or text that most Women's issues with men (warranted or not) are definitely a direct result of daddy issues. So here's my point, "Don't date nobody until you've gotten proper counseling." Don't suddenly rebel into Lesbianism when you're not gay, don't purchase no more bags, shoes, Spa Days at Burke Williams or anymore of those daily field trips to Yogurtland....No!! Just buy yourself some couch time and detox daddy out. Trust me, you'll Love better afterwards and you'll be Loved better afterwards because "A Moth Never Avoids A Flame."--JRE

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Predecessors Woes

He was a good man, but She has a new man now, so She ignores him with silent silence, like She's punishing him for being a good man as if he was a bad man. But She's not punishing him, She just wants to be right about the new man so that She's not forever haunted by the choice of letting go a good man....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The New Oath

As an oath of loyalty to the Heart and its greatest asset "Love," instead of reciting The Pledge of Allegiance every morning before class, children should have to place their hands over their little Heart's and recite Lauryn Hill's "Nothing Even Matters." 
 Loving habits is learned behavior so let's teach them early before they end up empty like the lot of us.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Words

She's so gorgeous that the word gorgeous itself is such a failed attempt to try and simplify that in which just can't be simplified because there's simply nothing simple about Her.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mini Thoughts

Deaf Woman hears Her own voice for the first time. Now if we could only get the hearing-deaf to hear themselves yapping so that they can hear just how ridiculous they sound.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Wind In Me

‎....Yes you're right, I may be a little long winded, No I am, but try living without this breeze, then tell me how cool your stale air is.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mini Thoughts

....He stands before Her in the flesh, living, breathing and available to be felt, Yet She chooses not to see him, but chooses to see him as only Her invisible man.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Mean I'm Just Saying....

Delayed as delayed can be, but this moment I had this past weekend must be shared. While lounging at a lounge I overheard this Chix say, and very loudly I must say, "Ugghh there are no cute people in here" so I leaned over and whispered to Her in my head "Maybe your eyes are just simply reflecting the ugly images of yourself.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Woman

Dear Woman,
Yes!! I am free, no plans and No!! Despite what you've heard or encountered, Chivalry ain't dead, but the "Bull Shit" is; yours and mine, and under no circumstances will it ever be allowed here. So can you please leave yours in the past with all the rest of your baggage full of self-inflicted and not so self-inflicted bad choices, ridiculous requests of me and high ass expectations that not even you could fulfill if you were a man? Because I am way too busy over here downsizing and lightening up my own load. So with that said, you are more than welcome to board this flight of Love, joining me on a joyous journey through the tough and rough jungle of Beautiful relationship to that Happy Paradise, forever completing our lives. Signed with Care....Man

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

These Beaches....

These Beaches is too shallow. I need a tornado kind of tide to wave on in and clear the deeply printed footsteps that She's left sketched in my warm sand. And then I need the Sea to catch wind and show me that there's a great, big, huge ocean out there with a mermaid who's not too afraid to stick Her chest out and be confidently naked with emotion.
" I am a Champion, but sometimes only Olympic Pools knows who's Gold." 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

"War Of The Love's"

Thoughts of Her always invade his mind, even when he tries with Light-Saber thinking to fight the invasion. When She smiles it's brighter than the solar, but some nights She's just too damn full of Herself, like the moon. Selfish with Her space, She's a blonde when it comes to understanding the real science of relationship, "You can't be the only star in it." Still, In his scope She is out of this world, but in Her world he's just an Alien trying to make contact. This saga here is called, "War Of The Love's.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Quotes By Others That I Like

Ronisha Jessie

"If you're not being treated with Love and respect, check your price tag. Perhaps you have marked yourself down. It's YOU who tells people what you're worth by what you accept. Get off the clearance rack and get behind the glass where they keep the valuables! 
Bottom line: "Value yourself more!" 
If you don't, no one else will! 
Have a great day..." --Ronisha Jessie

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back To The Future

I'm the old new me, I call it "Back To The Future." Name's not Michael though, but I am sly as a Fox and very McFly. No more trusting time, it's time to give fake characters the shakes, like my name's Harlem Parkinson. Been letting a lot of things slide, soft as pansy pie, but that's a wrap now and you can slate me on that. This ain't MLB so there's no need for three strikes, because in this sequel, like manure trucks I won't hesitate to shit on these Biff's.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Treasure Hunt For Hate

Just like some people wake up to hate, some people wake up looking forward to the hate. Hate upon hate is like KFC's Double Down sandwich, "it ain't healthy for you." Try looking for Waldo or something, it helps the motor skills and is less stressful on the Heart.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Behind The Music: The Life Of Me

Facing my own music and the melody is really out of tune, but I'm still listening though and will continue to do so until I learn how to catch the beat from my soul to the soles of my feet, so that I one day can enjoy the Beautifully-Complicated sound blaring loud from my five by seven surround, later bragging to my offspring, "No!! I Am Real Music Youngsta."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miss Philpot: "The Story That Was Never Written"

She's human, to Her the Heart matters, like Dr. Bruce Banner, so when he makes Her madder by showing that She doesn't matter, She begins to steam and turn all green, like the Hulk when it comes to continuing caring about what he likes, and showing him that he matters. But to me She's no Monster, just a gentle giant who's kindness has weakened because of his creeping.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here's A Tip For Self:

Freedom isn't in the balance of my bank book, but in the tip of the Bic that rest between my two fingers tips. Let Freedom write on every paper top; lined, blank or pattern painted. Let freedom read tangibly so that it is more than just a dream that I am imagining. "Let Freedom Write."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miss Count Dracula: "That's Not Lipstick On Her Fangs"

....Well puncture him with your fangs then, because for once he would like to feel the thrill of what She feels when She sucks the Love out of one's life, pumping thru his veins, so that he too could be just as cold as Her. He lust to be the bad guy. Maybe then in the end, he wouldn't always have to end up as Her victim.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"I Admire You Love"

I must say, I truly admire Love's courage to keep trying to fill Hearts fatly because it can't be easy to keep Loving deeply one's whole entire life while having to deal with people always putting you down, blaming you for all their problems, miss using you and only using you on your birthday for instant gratification, calling you overrated, being told "Fuck You!!" every time they make the mistake of choosing the wrong mate. So on this day I say to you, "I Admire You Love."

Monday, June 27, 2011

BBM Love Affair

In that space between Like and Love he smells Her sex appeal and it's sweet. 5'3, but She's a giant to him. Coke to his nose, She has him constantly high, like he's Carlos Irwin Estevez. On a moody Monday he met Her in a chat room while fingering his phone in the bathroom and it was a meeting that changed his mood from June gloom to bright Valentine red, the color of Love and the primary they both favored as their favorite pigment. He sensed early on that he'd one day deserve Her call, but as long as he was down to earn Her call. Hypnotized by Her tone he anticipates Her ringtone, like some Pop Star's biggest fan dying to hear them sing their favorite song. But a fan of Hers he is and he vowes to wait outside the window of Her life; rain, sleet and even if Sahara decides to get snowed in, until She's ready to invite him in. Warm and cuddly in Her arms is where he wants to rest in. Deep and Passionate inside Her kitty is where he wants to play in, cleaning Her walls with repeated licks, his tongue has "OCD" and for Her satisfaction he is tidy. Happy with how the flow is flowing he begs, "please flood my world with your Beautiful storm. My appetite for your sweet peach is greedy so please feed me obesely."

Friday, June 17, 2011

Quotes Of The Me

"Not only do we have a bunch of chinks in our armor, there's a shit load of Bondo on our souls from us always trying to fix ourselves."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Question & A Guess

Stick my tongue out in the atmosphere so I can taste Her in the wind. Sweet, like bee hives, back in December O ten She stung me with Her sting and since then, I've been all swollen with emotion. In my dreams She's the box marked yes, but in reality She's still a question and a guess. Faith in the strength of my chest I remove my vest because in Her hands I believe my Heart is police protected. Strange things can be magnificent and She's my strange magnificent thing. Courting under the contract of, "Just go with the flow," well the flow is going and I Love the way the flow is flowing. She sets my world on fire as if it's the year 2k; the end of humanity, but it's not the end, it's a new beginning with happy ending?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Missing Ballad

As the sun hides its light and the moon shines on the night, floating on a mattress of air he tosses and turns, and not because he's scared by demon nightmares, but because when he turns to feel Her near, She's not there. Hypnotized by the green in Her eyes, he remembers a time when he was just a green little guy trying to be a giant in Her life. His hands are cold and empty. He misses the comfort of Her care, breathing the sugary-almond silk scent of Her hair in his night's air; the midnight meshing of their bodies, forming a warm pair. Blind hands once feeling their way around Her skin now wander in the darkness aimlessly, searching desperately for Her touch. Feet cuddling, front to back, back to front, spooning and every other sensual sentiment has been misplaced, lost, suspended in that lonely space. Tired and emotionally fatigued from missing Her insomnia, he kneels in the place in which She last stood with a smile on Her face and prays for the morning to arrive early to wake him from his depress, instigated by the disappearance of his Darling. With no more buckets to fill with his moans and whines he closes his eyes and replays the memories of Her soft kisses and the tenderness of being in Her arms grip to rock his Heart gently to sleep. Blowing Her silhouette portrait an invisible kiss, he says and in his Luther voice, "A Bed is still a Bed, even when someone else is sleeping there, but this bed is not a bed unless that someone sleeping in it is You."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A.D.I.D.A.S "All Day I Dream About She"

"He texted Her "Morning!!" Then She texted back, "Are you spying on me? How did you know that I just woke up?" And he replied, "Because the sky got a little more brighter and a lot less gloomy, so I figured it must have been you opening your eyes...."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

....Just A Little Something That Came To Mind

We're human and we do human things. We desire and thrive off of spontaneous and random actions for pure shock value; for ourselves and others. It simply feels amazingly good when we make someone else feel good, it's honest ego. And whether we're conscious of it or not, we are servants of one another and Love to serve. And we're real auto pilot with it at times. Shit, even the takers are servants, just to themselves.

Monday, June 6, 2011


‎"So if I became a crossing guard, would She then believe that I care about Her safety?"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quotes Of The Me

"Just felt my Heart tap against my chest, I guess it was just reminding me that it's in me."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pink Sugar

....So a while back, actually a time ago, I had the pleasure of smelling this sweet fragrance on the person of this really gorgeous and fashioned forward Woman as She darted by me in the terminal of Lambert. Her style was a cross between those Asian Women who aren't from the states, but who come to the states to do all their shopping, and a New York, Sex In The City-freak for fashion kind of Chic. In a rush, I assume, to catch a plane that She was tardy for, the breeze from Her speed allowed me to catch a whiff of Her potent scent. Faster than the Road Runner, before I knew it She was gone. And although She was no longer visible I could still sniff Her, She had marked the entire territory of my air. That scent stuck with me and years later I finally discovered its origin. One day last week, I was window shopping in the mall when I decided to step in Sephora to see if they carried a cologne that I had run out of and wanted to replace. And as I approached the counter to question the associate, my nose's memory instantly remembered and caught the scent, like a bloodhound chasing a crime. And In a hyper panic I asked, "Hey what's that I smell?" The gothy looking associate looked at me with one of those "are you frickin kidding me frown" Then said, "There are a million smells in here, which one?" I replied, "The one that was just sprayed." Now, just like it left it's potent impression on me years before, could it be that it wasn't just sprayed and was just that strong that it overwhelmed the store like it did me? Well, before I could even continue to doubt the moment anymore, from below the counter in Her black, laced gloved hand it was, "Pink Sugar." I smiled glad, like I found lost treasure. Just wished I had a worthy Woman who could wear it, so I could permission the associate to, "Just throw it in the bag."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Morning

It's morning and the sun is on his side. A place he dreams She'll one day occupy, by his side, fugitives for Love, shackled tight for the rest of their lives. He knuckles the coldness of past hurt from the corners of his eyes, where the tears once jumped down his cheeks committing a watery suicide, so that he can clearly see the promise between the parallels of their lives. He stretches his arms high, lightly scratching God's feet with the tips of his  nails, playfully thanking He or She for blessing Her with he. Now that wasn't a vain line, but like the two of them, it just rhymed, a perfect fit, like when they connect power lines, their bond is "electric!!" Yawning Her name as the blinds part wide, blaring a halo of light thru the window pane, She's the first sentence formulated when he awakes because She's the first thought on his brain so what else is there to say? But he wonders, will She age with him, like a fine Cab Sauvignon or will She just come and leave prematurely, like a teen making Love for the very first time, coming way to fast out the gate, like a pony in a race? It's morning and the sun is on his side........

Monday, May 23, 2011

She's Not A Riddle, But Is Her Love?

Upon Her emotions is where he wants to sit, resting heavy, like bullion bricks on paper fences. Blessed with a knack for attracting a bunch of Hungry Jacks because of how fluffy Her cakes are stacked, he reacts and attacks the opposite of Mack's. Always pressed with being his own kind of chef, uniquely weird, but with an old fashioned, compassionate taste for the sweeter things in life, and judging by Her flavor he knows that there's more to Her dish than just being hot. She has a Heart as big as that London clock and it chimes Love loud when Her little hand strikes twelve with his big hand. Rotating an earth size of feelings, strummed between their strings sing a pretty tune, like a ballerina music box. A sweet harmony that's candy to his ears, tasty, so he keeps craving for more. There's something in the cards so he wants to play the hand. Wedding band, boyfriend or bestfriend? Or could all three be in the plans? 
Questions and answers are soulmates, so together he hopes they guide him the right way.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Miss Paris

....So from your Passion for fashion, unbiased and forever support, delicious sardine tacos, extreme cleanliness, tough, but Loving words of wisdom, sensitive and hard character, to your Midwest hustle and daily reminder of, "You're going to miss me when I'm gone."  Well, "You were right!!"

"Happy Mother's Day Mom"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Beep!! Beep!! Beep!! Beep!!.........."Please try your connection again"

The Stars used to dance like they had scarecrow legs, now they just stand against a stone wall motionless, like Women in high heels who complain their feet hurt. The sound of Her cute little Girl voice used to sparkle in his sky, like the 4th of July, now it just echoes between his ears, silent, like sign language kids. But far from a little Girl, She always kept his stick in high gear. Her grown Woman curves were perfectly perfect for his lust for speed, so he couldn't resist pushing Her limits. Heavy on the gas, the thrill of Her Pleasure was addictive. He became a junky for Her crack, and forced to go cold turkey only made him more of a junky with no real chance of rehab, desperately feigning for Her, like straight men willing to gender bend just to get a hit. It would take Rome in reverse to de-construct his desire for Her. She's the blueprint and bricks for the construction of his paradise. But in a cold hole he rests now, isolated from Her life, he sits and wonders what crime he committed. 

And as he glances at his gentle palms he sees no blood on his hands. The glove doesn't fit so he wonders, "What did I do to deserve this sentence of being disconnected?" Disconnected from a connection that made him feel electrically connected. Plump jolly Hearts once marched around his head, like toy soldiers, now they just sit in corners in a slump, like defeated veterans with no pension of attention. It's connection rejection, but how do you reconnect or can you? What are the steps of preparation for this delicious dish if the recipe was never written?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011


Mind full of crickets. Life ping's around, like a kid kicking a Coke can. The future of the invent is like an expecting Mom not wanting to know the sex on the ultra, "You never know what you're getting until it get's here." Thoughts all wrinkled, optimism is the maid that irons them out, fear is the mud that tries so hard to dirty them up again and again, but then faith is always the Tide that Surfs right in and cleans them Fresh, like lavender spring wind. Mornings bring new chances, evenings remind us to take full advantage of whatever's left in the rest of our 24, nights mean it's over forever and ain't no turning back. The jukebox only plays two tunes, happy or sad, so the song you sing should always be worth the quarters you spend. I Love the mood that the forest is in when flowers are blooming, "Silent and Beautiful," with Bambi skipping thru its bush not stressed because all the wolves have been humbled to puppies. The sun joins the party, so it shines down and dances across the grassy floor, like Sammy playing Bo Jangles on Broadway. An audience of chatty birds whistle and applaud from their branch seats perched high above in maple flavored pine trees looking down on chickens who've forgotten that they have wings and are too afraid to fly. Moving like a slinky, the water falls meeting the rest of its body in a pool big enough to hold its weight, causing a cool mist of spit to spray tired and parched leaves from all the bouncing around to the beat of a soulful breeze. This kind of mood is what silences the crickets and gives ink to a future that was once only just paper.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quotes Of The Me

"I've got magic in my fingers, but not even I can pull a rabbit out your ass." 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Peering through the glass that separates their worlds, he's struck by Her speechless Beauty. Nose wide open and caught up in the potent scent of Her attractive maturity, he wears his emotions tight, like winter mittens, and like winter mittens he wants to keep Her warm. Superman with no cape, but he wants to rescue Her from the villains who aim to destroy Her faith in matrimony. Overcome with enamored aspiration for Her Hot Latin Couture since the day She was first conceived in the keys of his touch screen, he tries with lazy effort to dim the light of Her life that lights his screen bright, to avoid being blinded, but like a moth to a flame it only draws him nearer. Designed by God's divine hands, there's team spirit in Her knitting so in Her quilt is where he wants to be woven. And as She skillfully models all the colorful fabrics of Her life, like a storefront mannequin, without blinking or breathing one word of malicious malice, he adores Her character and marvels at Her fortunate figure on display. But She's more than just a figure on display, She's a portrait of Pretty Passion on display. A Woman of a few words, but even in silence She speaks loud wisely, giving Her a voice that speaks his language fluently. Staring through the pane with compassion for Her pain, he dreams of breaking the pane, jumping inside Her space and taking the pain away. A fan of Her fashion, but he's more than just a window shopper peering through Her window, he's a shopper peering through Her window shopping for that priceless wardrobe designed by Cupid called "LOVE."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quotes Of The Me

"If you make your company for sell, don't get mad when they stop wanting to pay for what you're sharing and start liquidating all your time, walking out on the bill and choosing to spend their riches their way because your stock to them isn't worth what it used to be."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

How To Rob Successfully

In 211 I plan to rob the world of its eyes, "Hands up I said!!" Open up your minds and give me all your attention. I want the support and the non support, Yep!! give me that too. And if you even try to hate I won't hesitate to shoot you in the Heart with this Love.
"Success is not a crime so I have plenty of faith that I'll beat the case."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Order In The Court Damn It!!"

‎....So a judge and jury is to decide whose pen it is, but with Smith in hand the man who truly owns the deed to truth could actually wear the robe himself, bang the mallet and be his own twelve, making sure that the verdict ain't tampered with. But is the perp, the suspect, worth the concurrent the man would have to spend in a six by eight, thinking bout what he did if he flips and says, "Fuck the Law!!" and starts to serve and protect himself? Justice is blind, but not when the bitch is peeking through the blindfold. The harlot can be a real dream wrecker, making the man want to key Her bench up and scratch Her eyes out so that She has no choice but to see things blind.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quotes By Others That I Like

"When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go." -- From the movie "Nanny McPhee"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Goliath Who?

Flying high in the middle of a low season, but ain't no low low enough to keep the looming lion below the medium of mediocre, migrating toward that golden tower of redemption. Grandstanding amongst men of matter who have truly never ever mattered, is a vision of victory that plays over and over in a head already full of dreamy scenes. I am Spartacus, and every other medal of honor gladiator fighting rat faced weasels in the shady arena of cutthroat where the Heartless bleed dry and the soulless perish, lost, aimlessly roaming with no life, like horror flick zombies. I am a dagger with concrete courage and my sword shall swing swiftly, cutting off the heads of coonish thieves who steal from the mouths that feed them. It's a war against betrayal and deception. 

Load the catapult of payback with raging fire and deep desire to win, then aim for that historical place high up in the top ranks of human hierarchy and just let go. Child of a drop out, but I myself refuse to be left out. Cross reference the lessons of life learned against the lessons of life taught to find a place in that center circle of earned success. And I shall always teach myself whenever the substitutes with no class, impersonating teachers, fear the student and whose lesson plan is only to hold them back.

Mission is to fly space high, even when the plan made has been meant to keep things grounded. Father of fearless emotions, but the inner junior still feels around fragile and timid sometimes, too afraid of becoming a senior who still not knoweths how to feel like a grown up. I don't wanna grow up, but I can't always be a Toy's R Us Kid, so I'll hold my nose and eat my wisdom even when the taste of it is hard to swallow, like NyQuil. Every breath spent is a brawling bout with life. And at the moment I am at a crossroad fighting for "Right." Across a stained oak conference table, dividing good verses evil, before me sits a three headed serpent with plastic fangs, but there's no poison in its bite, it's just a poison of life. So with fate tightly clutched in the palms of my fist I will reach across the fort of pressed wood and with my talented hands snap its fake light. Chin up, hand on my hip and foot on its back, gold colored doves will sound the horns, cuing the applause and I shall then humbly rejoice in the sweet victory of its slaying.  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quotes Of The Me

"Some peoples aspirations really are to be clouds because they Love nothing more than to rain on your parade."

Saturday, December 11, 2010


"....So just now, at this very moment I needed a pinch of joy in my life, a taste of how happy heaven would be if I had wings, so as a means of instant gratification and satisfying my craving.....I thought about You."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's A War Going On Within

The greatest war a man could ever fight in is a war against himself. His enemy and his alliance both lie within. Beneath his skin is the armor that either saves him or makes him very vulnerable to defeat. The hunter or the hunted. Being ambushed or doing the ambushing determines victory or waving the white flag. The Art of self; the strategy for winning is a tactic so complex, even for Sun Tzu. With faith as the ammo, a Japanese pilot's soul and Rambo's Heart, The true trooper will always battle on. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loyal To Her Royalty

His life with Her is only in the keyboard of phones, which is why every night before he says goodnight, he prays for a life that makes Her his wife; one that's lived outside of phones and inside of a Huxtable-family kind of home. He envies the tattooed vine that grows along Her side because he wishes he could be that close to Her. Focused on Her hand, he notices that a permanently inked ring already sits upon the finger meant for marrying, but She swears it can easily be removed. A Midwest Gal with sin city dreams, sprouted from the soil of the "Show Me" state, so he challenges Her, "Show me!!" Whether already spoken for or just held in place with a promise, to him She's Royal. A Queen named King, but it's more than just a maiden, because Her power rules and has him loyal, wanting to kneel before Her feet, praying that She someday knights he.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Patrón Night Gibberish

Scrap the pages of the past to refresh an aging memory in the present about a time when life's mood was insane, like a Cypress Hill Mane. Boy, sure glad those days are now a fade. Fast forward to a new maze. Social surfing on a Sunday night, Sunday night with Baby, living round in a cramped space, like triplets in Mommas stomach before their birthday, where human birds kissed by the bright starlight sing songs that entertain the Cupid vein and make the soul dance, like Marvin did when he was sexual healing. Struck by matter, clutched close by a Dame as if Louis V was my name. I was Her Pepé and She was my Penelope, but I wanted more than just to pet Her Pussycat.

Black and white, like Tyra Banks, She's a Compton Kid cultured over the years; A little Hood and a little Brentwood, Her life's a Hybrid between the haves and have not's, I call it "Ratchet Class!!" And judging by all the scars in Her convo She must have had nine lives because She hasn't rolled over yet. Pitching Her sell better than a door to door man, She was real psychic about our connection, She said Her palms read a long prosperous future, one that included me, so I fashion my face with a pair of fogged frames to prevent staring at the mistresses of distraction. And not because I'm sold, but to be afforded a better look, to see if I agree with what She's reading. Pipe dreams afloat, parading around a chaos of cobblestone, like a Clydesdale in Downtown STL. Free thinkers with kush for brains crowd a patient pair of ears talking gibberish with conviction, that even babies can't comprehend. Like said before, "It's a Maze," confused and dazed It's a bitch trying to find a way round it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Prequel Of "Us"......

Lost in the Heartbreak-Outback for far too long, the boomerang of steamy attraction has finally made its way back home. Two Indigenous Romantics from a nation of Love with Hearts the size of Africa, defy the lies about Love being overrated and non existing. Stubborn and mute to all the Heartless ideas and opinions of those who have no clue about how happiness should be colored inside. This rambling is swiftly ignored, like men who are told, "Talk to the Hand" by sassy ass Black Women. Focused on paying no mind toward demons inspired to feed on their lives, they've both fought the wolves with strong will to not be stripped of their souls and left with only lonely bones, as they tracked on thru the fierce foliage of dating disappointment. With many paths to choose from, somehow they ended up in the same direction, with the same direction. Both stumbling upon that Passionate place to populate those territories where affection cultivates. This is why juicy Romantic novels can't sit still on Barnes and Nobles bookshelves; because everyone Loves a story that ends well. Real close friends with the wind, but neither one of them could have ever sensed what was to blow in. Ears closely glued to the signs, but neither of them could have ever heard what was being said. Life to Life, how they live is something only time can tell. This is the prequel of "Us"......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Close Encounter Of The Love Kind

Vine, grape, then wine, they get better with time. Below Her window he stands with a guitar in hand, a one man band singing a pitchy, acoustic, slow version of "How much I Love You" and for no particular reason why, he just wants Her to be reminded of why. And perched upon Her window, Beautiful and shimmering in Her colorful splendor, She chirps with an Angelic voice, balancing out their harmony because She likes to back him up. From gloomy gray to bright blue white, Her smile re-paints his sky. And he is the ray of light that pierces thru Her life's darkest moments. Studied and prodded by experts, they are the future and the formula for Love. Together the seasons change; Winters become Sensual Summers and Rain Storms become Hugging Heat Waves. Inspired by their Romance the Universe politely grabs Space by its belt for a dazzling slow dance to comets ah crooning and asteroids ah whistling, rotating in reverse, dipping into a perfect pirouette, their Love is out of this world. Shaking up the norm of how the earth usually quakes, the ground now moves when they move because it too wants to follow in their footsteps. Vine, grape, then wine, they get better with time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kong and The Dame

He let the King swing between Her limbs, like Tarzan, and now She wants to cage him, like Kong. Angry Barons can't stand to see Her in the palm of his hand so they spend their air trying to shoot him down, but this ain't no movie because in the end the Beast stays on top and the Beauty he wins. Activists against happiness, wander about all confused by how in the hell it is She tamed the animal with just a stick; but it's the trust and respect that makes it more than just a stick. Predicted by scholars and recognized by scientists, this is the future and the formula for Love. And If Nostradamus was Cupid then it would be written. If their meeting had a name it would be "The Big Bang;" Two stars sharing one space, hugging high in a universe of Passion. This Romance is cosmic!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quotes Of The Me

"Moments is the canvas, and Joy, Pain, Love, Hate, Happiness, Humor and every other emotion are the colors that makes us art....So Paint On!!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Awake Dreaming

He writes Her name in his sand and prays that the tide never washes it away because with Her he hopes to build a sturdy castle, the kind that never crumbles, even when the wolves try hard to blow it away. While on his journey to ride off into that perfect sunset, He's surfed many seas, but none have ever calmed the ripples in his dreams the way She calms the ones that wave around the hull of his Heart. In a lineup of many he chooses Her, but is he foolish for his choice? Questioning the future is a curious thing and not weak self esteem, so he ponders, like scientists over premature theories. She's moved him without busting a sweat, like Starving Students. He's got plans and they include Her, so there's no need for a prenup because She equals half of him. "The breeze that swept him lightly, warm and cuddly," is just a summary of his fantasy, but is She the whole plot? Is She the end and where the new begins? Can they shower with their clothes on and it not matter how soggy they look, just as long as they're soggy and close? Can he fuck Her and She know that he's really making Love to Her? This is not a game, but the questions are hunting for answers. Two Hearts on two different roads trying to merge lanes, but it's only One Way He'd to like to roll, so he's hoping She's down to carpool.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nightly Happenings

Out the window bright eyes gaze at the land of "All Things Are Promised," but only with promise. Morning mist coats the glass; life's been crying outside, makes you wonder what happened during the night. Using a soft tip finger to pencil the letters of Her name in the sweaty pane, it's an expression of joy and not one of pain, and also just sure way for Her to remain, permanently! Making Her Stained Glass on the mirror of the man in the mirror. Bonnie and Clyde, but bullet proof. Sid and Nancy, but with a Love addiction, and with intimate stabbing, not vicious stabbing. The sound of Her smile pops loud in the square where thoughts hide, like a Jack-n-Box, drowning out the steam that the tea pot sings. Dreams of happy couple scenes written on the brain ring and ring, like Salvation Ladies. Again, what happened during the night? Maybe the moon fell in Love with the thought of knowing that the sun will always show up. Maybe the clouds did a little venting or the stars had so much fun skipping across the sky that they sparkled until they wailed up all teary inside. Or!!, maybe the future got so overwhelmed with excitement about what's to come between two mates sharing souls, that it burst thunder with emotional rain. Whatever happened during the night, hope it happens again every night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Shot after shot, holding the bar on his shoulders, like the Atlas Man; toasted off fermented agave, he gets lost in a world of thoughts full of Her. Lungs heavy with emotion, Love is in the air, but is it being breathed deep enough? Or is it just another exhale moment waiting to be exhaled? Day dreams of finger fondling in summer settings where fields of lavender and yellow lilies camouflage their fertile bodies, like big cats hiding in tall weeds waiting to pounce upon passing prey. Nose to nose, close cuddling on a pallet made of soft silk and freshly knitted alpaca. Hands raised heaven high, requesting that the sky turn the volume of the night up, so that they can slow dance laying down. With Her on Her side and Him spooning Her from behind, Hand on Her thigh, He moves Her hair to the side pecking Her neck with slow kisses while She grinds Her ass against his waistline. They roll around on a mattress of grass stuck together, like lint. Two peas in a pod creating a blanket of affection, warm enough to sweat out the chills of all those who came before and left things a little cold. Up the Hill, Jack and Jill, the same way they go up, is the same way they'll come down, "Together."