Tuesday, February 21, 2012

War Of The Love's....The Rewrite

Thoughts of Her always invade his mind, even when he tries with Light-Saber thinking to fight the invasion. When She smiles it's brighter than the solar, but some nights She's just too damn full of Herself, like the moon. Selfish with Her space, She's a blonde when it comes to understanding the real science of relationship, "You can't be the only star in it." Still, In his scope She is out of this world, but in Her world he's just an Alien trying to make contact. This saga here is called, "War Of The Love's.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vday Blues

"....That's ok I'll be my own Valentine." Well that's cool, and if masking the pain of being sans a date works for you that way, on that day, then ok, but I think it's just another way of saying "I am bitterly depressed that I'm all alone and have no one to participate in the (for the most part) staged show of Temporary Love and Affection." (fleeting as we speak) But hear me out, I do understand just how important it is for some of you to have Love on display; receiving flowers, cards and candy at work or school for all your "Haters or Congratulaters" to see, It feeds your "I'm A Cool Kid Ego" and makes those who didn't receive the Love-Expression treats feel just as shitty as you would be if you weren't the recipient. So trust me, feeling specially Loved for one day should really be the least of your worries, it's the other 364 you should be concerned about.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Quotes Of The Day....by Me

"Kissing is the Bridge to Passion and Romance. And nice lips and fresh breath is what you need for us to cross that bridge."

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Detox Daddy

I just realized, well officially clicked-realized after reading thousands upon thousands of Women's Tweets, FB Statues, Blog Post and after having millions of conversations with Women; face to face, phone to phone or via email or text that most Women's issues with men (warranted or not) are definitely a direct result of daddy issues. So here's my point, "Don't date nobody until you've gotten proper counseling." Don't suddenly rebel into Lesbianism when you're not gay, don't purchase no more bags, shoes, Spa Days at Burke Williams or anymore of those daily field trips to Yogurtland....No!! Just buy yourself some couch time and detox daddy out. Trust me, you'll Love better afterwards and you'll be Loved better afterwards because "A Moth Never Avoids A Flame."--JRE