Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kong and The Dame

He let the King swing between Her limbs, like Tarzan, and now She wants to cage him, like Kong. Angry Barons can't stand to see Her in the palm of his hand so they spend their air trying to shoot him down, but this ain't no movie because in the end the Beast stays on top and the Beauty he wins. Activists against happiness, wander about all confused by how in the hell it is She tamed the animal with just a stick; but it's the trust and respect that makes it more than just a stick. Predicted by scholars and recognized by scientists, this is the future and the formula for Love. And If Nostradamus was Cupid then it would be written. If their meeting had a name it would be "The Big Bang;" Two stars sharing one space, hugging high in a universe of Passion. This Romance is cosmic!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quotes Of The Me

"Moments is the canvas, and Joy, Pain, Love, Hate, Happiness, Humor and every other emotion are the colors that makes us art....So Paint On!!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Awake Dreaming

He writes Her name in his sand and prays that the tide never washes it away because with Her he hopes to build a sturdy castle, the kind that never crumbles, even when the wolves try hard to blow it away. While on his journey to ride off into that perfect sunset, He's surfed many seas, but none have ever calmed the ripples in his dreams the way She calms the ones that wave around the hull of his Heart. In a lineup of many he chooses Her, but is he foolish for his choice? Questioning the future is a curious thing and not weak self esteem, so he ponders, like scientists over premature theories. She's moved him without busting a sweat, like Starving Students. He's got plans and they include Her, so there's no need for a prenup because She equals half of him. "The breeze that swept him lightly, warm and cuddly," is just a summary of his fantasy, but is She the whole plot? Is She the end and where the new begins? Can they shower with their clothes on and it not matter how soggy they look, just as long as they're soggy and close? Can he fuck Her and She know that he's really making Love to Her? This is not a game, but the questions are hunting for answers. Two Hearts on two different roads trying to merge lanes, but it's only One Way He'd to like to roll, so he's hoping She's down to carpool.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nightly Happenings

Out the window bright eyes gaze at the land of "All Things Are Promised," but only with promise. Morning mist coats the glass; life's been crying outside, makes you wonder what happened during the night. Using a soft tip finger to pencil the letters of Her name in the sweaty pane, it's an expression of joy and not one of pain, and also just sure way for Her to remain, permanently! Making Her Stained Glass on the mirror of the man in the mirror. Bonnie and Clyde, but bullet proof. Sid and Nancy, but with a Love addiction, and with intimate stabbing, not vicious stabbing. The sound of Her smile pops loud in the square where thoughts hide, like a Jack-n-Box, drowning out the steam that the tea pot sings. Dreams of happy couple scenes written on the brain ring and ring, like Salvation Ladies. Again, what happened during the night? Maybe the moon fell in Love with the thought of knowing that the sun will always show up. Maybe the clouds did a little venting or the stars had so much fun skipping across the sky that they sparkled until they wailed up all teary inside. Or!!, maybe the future got so overwhelmed with excitement about what's to come between two mates sharing souls, that it burst thunder with emotional rain. Whatever happened during the night, hope it happens again every night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Shot after shot, holding the bar on his shoulders, like the Atlas Man; toasted off fermented agave, he gets lost in a world of thoughts full of Her. Lungs heavy with emotion, Love is in the air, but is it being breathed deep enough? Or is it just another exhale moment waiting to be exhaled? Day dreams of finger fondling in summer settings where fields of lavender and yellow lilies camouflage their fertile bodies, like big cats hiding in tall weeds waiting to pounce upon passing prey. Nose to nose, close cuddling on a pallet made of soft silk and freshly knitted alpaca. Hands raised heaven high, requesting that the sky turn the volume of the night up, so that they can slow dance laying down. With Her on Her side and Him spooning Her from behind, Hand on Her thigh, He moves Her hair to the side pecking Her neck with slow kisses while She grinds Her ass against his waistline. They roll around on a mattress of grass stuck together, like lint. Two peas in a pod creating a blanket of affection, warm enough to sweat out the chills of all those who came before and left things a little cold. Up the Hill, Jack and Jill, the same way they go up, is the same way they'll come down, "Together."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Paranormal Love

In a room full of demons, but nothing about Her scared me. She spoke and I hung on Her every word, like Christians and their Bible. I admire the Love She has for Her father and wanted to mimic his soul, so that I too I could feel that kind of forever Love. Her Super Natural is contagious and with Her I never want to be immune. All Good in Her Hair, tangled in the coarse curls of Her life, my soul is Relaxed and I am more than ready to fight and defeat any and all suitors with the power of seventy people, emerging as Her one and only "Champi-Man." Dreaming isn't just meant for sleeping and Wishing isn't just meant for cakes with candles, so consecutively I'll do both with make sure I double my chances.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hands tied, it's a struggle to walk away from them. Tortured by hurt and held hostage by the familiar routine of dealing only with them. Their lies become terrorist, blowing up the very foundation that once stood strong. Down, but not out, fighting for life with one breath left, we use it to pray for the Heart's hero, "LOVE" to fly on in and rescue us.


 So here's a song I wrote for a Woman to sing. Tell me what you think.

Til death do us part, not if the truth does it first

First Verse:
I can patch the scar of daddy
Being lame
Bear the faces of fake friends
But the truth of how you really feel
Is a pain too painful to feel

You were never any Romeo
Just another Pinocchio
So let your nose grow
Cause I'd rather hear you lie, than to hear your hurting truth,
than to hear your hurting truth

Second verse:
Was taught by the Preacher Man
Thou shall not lie
but is there sin in hearing them
My Heart's my religion
so for it
I'll be a hypocrite


You sprinkled me with your dust, made me your tinker bell
But in the end
it was just a fairytale.

Chorus Repeat

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More than a Facebook comment.....

"....And so he glances, blessed with the sensitive hands of a caring Veterinarian whose Heart beats for mending fractured quills, for he too, knows what it is to be temporarily flightless. And with the air from his very own lungs he will be the light wind that lifts you to the Heavens where the clouds express how much they miss you and peers who look for you to lead the flock, can again celebrate the rise of their Angel............Fly On!!" --Me

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hooked Or Not Hooked?

Is it lust or the lure of Love trying to hook me, like a Deadliest Catch Cast? Is She the stream and I the Salmon trying to fight my way in Her life, in order to have life? Spawning a future full of amazing moments is why I toss my line out and patiently wait for Her to swim my way, but luck must have missed the boat because so far it's just me and my pole spinning line. Is She really the great catch or just another pocket feeder Kat, only to be thrown back?