Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Love Tap"

....Below Her chin, and above where Her collarbones meet, is where Her Heart beats so a vampire I be. Place my lips upon the place in which hickeys usually decorate the necks of hormonal teens who've been heavy with their necking, and suck deeply until I tap into Her Love.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love Diction....

....One shot and he was drunk, he called Her Brandi. Sweet like maple, She was Canadian. A model of perfection; born mixed, but his feelings for Her weren't mixed, they were meant. Both lost in a storm of bad relationships, caught up in a hurricane of hurt, left drifting on a cold tide of salty emotions. But sure as the sun sets, there is always light in the horizon and it is Her that makes his light bright. Message in a bottle, he hoped She'd get the message. Time heals and what feels, feels even better when the weather is cloudless and the cries are loud less. In his letter he mentions, written with just eight letters he vents it, the diction, that gives him reason to still believe in Dreaming.