Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Airless Complaint

We may B%@!H, moan, complain and get our briefs all in a bunch when you (You as in Woman You) hijack us for our socks, T-shirts, shaving razors, and especially when you dip your fingers in our plates after we just asked "Do you want anything?" And you say "No, I'm not hungry." But if you didn't exist in our little Brut space we'd B%@!H, moan, complain and get our briefs all in a bunch wishing we did have you around to hijack us for our socks, T-shirts, shaving razors....etc

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Daddies Issues should never become your issue."

I just realized, well officially clicked-realized after reading thousands upon thousands of Women's Tweets, Facebook statues, Blogger Post and after having millions of conversations with Women; face to face, phone to phone or via email or text that most Women's issues with men (warranted or not) are definitely a direct result of daddy issues. So here's my point, "Don't date nobody until you've gotten proper counseling." Don't suddenly rebel into Lesbianism when you're not gay, don't purchase no more bags, shoes, Spa Days at Burke Williams or anymore of those daily field trips to Yogurtland....No!! Just buy yourself some couch time and detox daddy out. Trust me, you'll Love better afterwards and you'll be Loved better afterwards because "A Moth Never Avoids A Flame.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Invention Of Their Noise

He tapped imagination on the forehead and said, "I wish I could be the new guy on the scene, the friend of a friend who spots you from across the room instantly, like zoom. And with no hesitation, slides your way, like a bunch Midwest folk dancing to that Cupid song; grabs you by the hand and says "Let's ditch this place and go somewhere quiet where we can make our own noise....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Miss Earth Tone, Oh how I'd like to meet you

I want Her Life to be a palette of Earth Tones: 
Brown so that She understands my Soul. 
Sometimes Grey so that I can brighten Her gloomy days. 
A little Green between the seams so that I can dirty Her up.
Red so that Her Love is always Fiery, Deep, Romantic and Very Passionate for Herself first, then me. 
And White so that the Angel in Her calms the devil in Her.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorry Ladies, but I'm not a "BeWeaver."

I am a weave Nazi. I am anti lace fronts, glue and tracks. Maybe that's why I'm single, because I refuse to pull someone else's hair in someone else's head. But I do Love hair....LOL

Vintage Love

On flammable paper, written in red ink he cursived a wish, "Send someone with a vintage kind of Love to hold hands with," then with his Zippo lit. Fingers stuck, like mating canines. Her hand glued to his hand and his hand glued to Hers, he begs for a bond that's Super, so with Notebook devotion he kneels at the mercy of companionship with a promise to be a stand up man who's loyal to feelings and emotions, who walks on two legs instead of four, like a DoberMan. Locked in Love, like the Boys and Girls logo, there's only one club he wants to be a member of and that's the Union of Her.