Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pink Sugar

....So a while back, actually a time ago, I had the pleasure of smelling this sweet fragrance on the person of this really gorgeous and fashioned forward Woman as She darted by me in the terminal of Lambert. Her style was a cross between those Asian Women who aren't from the states, but who come to the states to do all their shopping, and a New York, Sex In The City-freak for fashion kind of Chic. In a rush, I assume, to catch a plane that She was tardy for, the breeze from Her speed allowed me to catch a whiff of Her potent scent. Faster than the Road Runner, before I knew it She was gone. And although She was no longer visible I could still sniff Her, She had marked the entire territory of my air. That scent stuck with me and years later I finally discovered its origin. One day last week, I was window shopping in the mall when I decided to step in Sephora to see if they carried a cologne that I had run out of and wanted to replace. And as I approached the counter to question the associate, my nose's memory instantly remembered and caught the scent, like a bloodhound chasing a crime. And In a hyper panic I asked, "Hey what's that I smell?" The gothy looking associate looked at me with one of those "are you frickin kidding me frown" Then said, "There are a million smells in here, which one?" I replied, "The one that was just sprayed." Now, just like it left it's potent impression on me years before, could it be that it wasn't just sprayed and was just that strong that it overwhelmed the store like it did me? Well, before I could even continue to doubt the moment anymore, from below the counter in Her black, laced gloved hand it was, "Pink Sugar." I smiled glad, like I found lost treasure. Just wished I had a worthy Woman who could wear it, so I could permission the associate to, "Just throw it in the bag."