Friday, May 28, 2010

The Art of Prioritizing the Court

It's crazy interesting how you can so easily forget the names of people that you've spent everyday of your life with for scores upon scores. Be it coworkers on a job, classmates in a classroom or a neighbor who lives just a plaster of wall away from you; but then there are the people who you haven't spent a day with, not a second, minute or even half of a millisecond, but yet you feel as though you've spent your entire life with them. Their faces are permanent murals forever painted on the temple of your brain, never needing any sort of restoration. 
You know their strengths, their fears, their truths, their lies and even the lies they tell themselves, which gives you a special kind of insight when it comes to the sight they have trouble seeing, making you the only optometrist who sees their vision. You know all their life's favorites and their life's dislikes. 
You know where to scratch when they don't have an itch. 
You make things matter that in any other situation wouldn't matter, like their dog's birthday, don't put lettuce in their burrito because they hate it soggy, how they like their towels folded, what side of the bed they prefer to sleep on or what streets they like to take even though you might know a better way. 
You keep a calendar of all dates and events even the ones that haven't been marked with an X yet. 
You remember their scent when your nose no longer remembers what it is to smell or their taste when you forget what flavor is. If they were the measurement for IQ then you'd legally be diagnosed genius. But the question is, how do you live in their memory and get them to not forget about you?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Epiphany #8

If you Love them, but they say you can't afford them, then Love's not what they're looking for so move on, count it as a loss and don't take it personal, because the one meant for you will Love you at no cost.....Priceless!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Awkward Moments....

So I'm talking to this very attractive Woman and after 10 minutes of great conversation and me giving Her every compliment I could give Her and Her just blushing until She was burgandy, Her brother walks up and he looks just like Her. So now I can't finish talking to Her because now as I look at Her all I see is a pretty face with a goatee and the once pretty free flowing hair dreamed of running my fingers thru is now a bowl fade with a tight line up.....WTF!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Miss You Mom.....

For Me, Mom's is only just a Heaven's stop away, but it's always still too far for me on days like this and all the rest of my three hundred and sixty four. Glad you're above and I know you hear me loud and clear so, "HAPPY MOM DAY." Always Honored and Missed I Love You Forever....I am the "Son of Paris."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shine from the Rise........

The shine from the rise is brighter than its ever been. The birds don't just chirp they sound like a chorus at Carnegie in perfect sync, and pitch pretty harmony. The leaves don't just jump from the trees and lie down on the ground to be stepped on, no, they dance to the sound of the wind, well choreographed with soul, like the finale at the end of the Wiz. The breeze ain't just blowing shit, no, it softly kisses the skin, like a considerate and caring Lover, gently pecking at the places most sensitive, sending chills up and down the body, like a mechanical massage.

Mothers cook Hearty breakfast from scratch, none of that microwave or fast food crap, while fathers team work and help get the kids dressed, none of that chauvinism mess. People sharing the streets walk with their heads up, smiling-friendly, beating one another at speaking kindly. Trash men clean the concrete so well that they sparkle, like glitter painted fingernails. Asian store keepers pass out free fruit so the teens headed to school don't steal; but instead they're taught a valuable lesson about giving which in return, somewhere in the future, down the road of their lives, they too will pay it forward. Dogs walk themselves and bag their own shit. Street Kats preach asset advice and actual facts you can learn from and not that standard, conspiracy, fuck the white man rhetoric.

They say how you start is how you end, so the sun getting off and the moon clocking in is now highly anticipated. If it's arrival were a movie trailer or billboard it would read, "With no time to sleep, Illuminating Dreams fill the sky full. Coming Soon!! "The Glow" where you're a star even if they never name you. This picture has been Rated Success and can only be viewed in a Focused 3D."

Saturday, May 1, 2010