Thursday, December 23, 2010

How To Rob Successfully

In 211 I plan to rob the world of its eyes, "Hands up I said!!" Open up your minds and give me all your attention. I want the support and the non support, Yep!! give me that too. And if you even try to hate I won't hesitate to shoot you in the Heart with this Love.
"Success is not a crime so I have plenty of faith that I'll beat the case."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Order In The Court Damn It!!"

‎....So a judge and jury is to decide whose pen it is, but with Smith in hand the man who truly owns the deed to truth could actually wear the robe himself, bang the mallet and be his own twelve, making sure that the verdict ain't tampered with. But is the perp, the suspect, worth the concurrent the man would have to spend in a six by eight, thinking bout what he did if he flips and says, "Fuck the Law!!" and starts to serve and protect himself? Justice is blind, but not when the bitch is peeking through the blindfold. The harlot can be a real dream wrecker, making the man want to key Her bench up and scratch Her eyes out so that She has no choice but to see things blind.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quotes By Others That I Like

"When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go." -- From the movie "Nanny McPhee"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Goliath Who?

Flying high in the middle of a low season, but ain't no low low enough to keep the looming lion below the medium of mediocre, migrating toward that golden tower of redemption. Grandstanding amongst men of matter who have truly never ever mattered, is a vision of victory that plays over and over in a head already full of dreamy scenes. I am Spartacus, and every other medal of honor gladiator fighting rat faced weasels in the shady arena of cutthroat where the Heartless bleed dry and the soulless perish, lost, aimlessly roaming with no life, like horror flick zombies. I am a dagger with concrete courage and my sword shall swing swiftly, cutting off the heads of coonish thieves who steal from the mouths that feed them. It's a war against betrayal and deception. 

Load the catapult of payback with raging fire and deep desire to win, then aim for that historical place high up in the top ranks of human hierarchy and just let go. Child of a drop out, but I myself refuse to be left out. Cross reference the lessons of life learned against the lessons of life taught to find a place in that center circle of earned success. And I shall always teach myself whenever the substitutes with no class, impersonating teachers, fear the student and whose lesson plan is only to hold them back.

Mission is to fly space high, even when the plan made has been meant to keep things grounded. Father of fearless emotions, but the inner junior still feels around fragile and timid sometimes, too afraid of becoming a senior who still not knoweths how to feel like a grown up. I don't wanna grow up, but I can't always be a Toy's R Us Kid, so I'll hold my nose and eat my wisdom even when the taste of it is hard to swallow, like NyQuil. Every breath spent is a brawling bout with life. And at the moment I am at a crossroad fighting for "Right." Across a stained oak conference table, dividing good verses evil, before me sits a three headed serpent with plastic fangs, but there's no poison in its bite, it's just a poison of life. So with fate tightly clutched in the palms of my fist I will reach across the fort of pressed wood and with my talented hands snap its fake light. Chin up, hand on my hip and foot on its back, gold colored doves will sound the horns, cuing the applause and I shall then humbly rejoice in the sweet victory of its slaying.  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quotes Of The Me

"Some peoples aspirations really are to be clouds because they Love nothing more than to rain on your parade."

Saturday, December 11, 2010


"....So just now, at this very moment I needed a pinch of joy in my life, a taste of how happy heaven would be if I had wings, so as a means of instant gratification and satisfying my craving.....I thought about You."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's A War Going On Within

The greatest war a man could ever fight in is a war against himself. His enemy and his alliance both lie within. Beneath his skin is the armor that either saves him or makes him very vulnerable to defeat. The hunter or the hunted. Being ambushed or doing the ambushing determines victory or waving the white flag. The Art of self; the strategy for winning is a tactic so complex, even for Sun Tzu. With faith as the ammo, a Japanese pilot's soul and Rambo's Heart, The true trooper will always battle on. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loyal To Her Royalty

His life with Her is only in the keyboard of phones, which is why every night before he says goodnight, he prays for a life that makes Her his wife; one that's lived outside of phones and inside of a Huxtable-family kind of home. He envies the tattooed vine that grows along Her side because he wishes he could be that close to Her. Focused on Her hand, he notices that a permanently inked ring already sits upon the finger meant for marrying, but She swears it can easily be removed. A Midwest Gal with sin city dreams, sprouted from the soil of the "Show Me" state, so he challenges Her, "Show me!!" Whether already spoken for or just held in place with a promise, to him She's Royal. A Queen named King, but it's more than just a maiden, because Her power rules and has him loyal, wanting to kneel before Her feet, praying that She someday knights he.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Patrón Night Gibberish

Scrap the pages of the past to refresh an aging memory in the present about a time when life's mood was insane, like a Cypress Hill Mane. Boy, sure glad those days are now a fade. Fast forward to a new maze. Social surfing on a Sunday night, Sunday night with Baby, living round in a cramped space, like triplets in Mommas stomach before their birthday, where human birds kissed by the bright starlight sing songs that entertain the Cupid vein and make the soul dance, like Marvin did when he was sexual healing. Struck by matter, clutched close by a Dame as if Louis V was my name. I was Her Pepé and She was my Penelope, but I wanted more than just to pet Her Pussycat.

Black and white, like Tyra Banks, She's a Compton Kid cultured over the years; A little Hood and a little Brentwood, Her life's a Hybrid between the haves and have not's, I call it "Ratchet Class!!" And judging by all the scars in Her convo She must have had nine lives because She hasn't rolled over yet. Pitching Her sell better than a door to door man, She was real psychic about our connection, She said Her palms read a long prosperous future, one that included me, so I fashion my face with a pair of fogged frames to prevent staring at the mistresses of distraction. And not because I'm sold, but to be afforded a better look, to see if I agree with what She's reading. Pipe dreams afloat, parading around a chaos of cobblestone, like a Clydesdale in Downtown STL. Free thinkers with kush for brains crowd a patient pair of ears talking gibberish with conviction, that even babies can't comprehend. Like said before, "It's a Maze," confused and dazed It's a bitch trying to find a way round it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Prequel Of "Us"......

Lost in the Heartbreak-Outback for far too long, the boomerang of steamy attraction has finally made its way back home. Two Indigenous Romantics from a nation of Love with Hearts the size of Africa, defy the lies about Love being overrated and non existing. Stubborn and mute to all the Heartless ideas and opinions of those who have no clue about how happiness should be colored inside. This rambling is swiftly ignored, like men who are told, "Talk to the Hand" by sassy ass Black Women. Focused on paying no mind toward demons inspired to feed on their lives, they've both fought the wolves with strong will to not be stripped of their souls and left with only lonely bones, as they tracked on thru the fierce foliage of dating disappointment. With many paths to choose from, somehow they ended up in the same direction, with the same direction. Both stumbling upon that Passionate place to populate those territories where affection cultivates. This is why juicy Romantic novels can't sit still on Barnes and Nobles bookshelves; because everyone Loves a story that ends well. Real close friends with the wind, but neither one of them could have ever sensed what was to blow in. Ears closely glued to the signs, but neither of them could have ever heard what was being said. Life to Life, how they live is something only time can tell. This is the prequel of "Us"......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Close Encounter Of The Love Kind

Vine, grape, then wine, they get better with time. Below Her window he stands with a guitar in hand, a one man band singing a pitchy, acoustic, slow version of "How much I Love You" and for no particular reason why, he just wants Her to be reminded of why. And perched upon Her window, Beautiful and shimmering in Her colorful splendor, She chirps with an Angelic voice, balancing out their harmony because She likes to back him up. From gloomy gray to bright blue white, Her smile re-paints his sky. And he is the ray of light that pierces thru Her life's darkest moments. Studied and prodded by experts, they are the future and the formula for Love. Together the seasons change; Winters become Sensual Summers and Rain Storms become Hugging Heat Waves. Inspired by their Romance the Universe politely grabs Space by its belt for a dazzling slow dance to comets ah crooning and asteroids ah whistling, rotating in reverse, dipping into a perfect pirouette, their Love is out of this world. Shaking up the norm of how the earth usually quakes, the ground now moves when they move because it too wants to follow in their footsteps. Vine, grape, then wine, they get better with time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kong and The Dame

He let the King swing between Her limbs, like Tarzan, and now She wants to cage him, like Kong. Angry Barons can't stand to see Her in the palm of his hand so they spend their air trying to shoot him down, but this ain't no movie because in the end the Beast stays on top and the Beauty he wins. Activists against happiness, wander about all confused by how in the hell it is She tamed the animal with just a stick; but it's the trust and respect that makes it more than just a stick. Predicted by scholars and recognized by scientists, this is the future and the formula for Love. And If Nostradamus was Cupid then it would be written. If their meeting had a name it would be "The Big Bang;" Two stars sharing one space, hugging high in a universe of Passion. This Romance is cosmic!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quotes Of The Me

"Moments is the canvas, and Joy, Pain, Love, Hate, Happiness, Humor and every other emotion are the colors that makes us art....So Paint On!!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Awake Dreaming

He writes Her name in his sand and prays that the tide never washes it away because with Her he hopes to build a sturdy castle, the kind that never crumbles, even when the wolves try hard to blow it away. While on his journey to ride off into that perfect sunset, He's surfed many seas, but none have ever calmed the ripples in his dreams the way She calms the ones that wave around the hull of his Heart. In a lineup of many he chooses Her, but is he foolish for his choice? Questioning the future is a curious thing and not weak self esteem, so he ponders, like scientists over premature theories. She's moved him without busting a sweat, like Starving Students. He's got plans and they include Her, so there's no need for a prenup because She equals half of him. "The breeze that swept him lightly, warm and cuddly," is just a summary of his fantasy, but is She the whole plot? Is She the end and where the new begins? Can they shower with their clothes on and it not matter how soggy they look, just as long as they're soggy and close? Can he fuck Her and She know that he's really making Love to Her? This is not a game, but the questions are hunting for answers. Two Hearts on two different roads trying to merge lanes, but it's only One Way He'd to like to roll, so he's hoping She's down to carpool.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nightly Happenings

Out the window bright eyes gaze at the land of "All Things Are Promised," but only with promise. Morning mist coats the glass; life's been crying outside, makes you wonder what happened during the night. Using a soft tip finger to pencil the letters of Her name in the sweaty pane, it's an expression of joy and not one of pain, and also just sure way for Her to remain, permanently! Making Her Stained Glass on the mirror of the man in the mirror. Bonnie and Clyde, but bullet proof. Sid and Nancy, but with a Love addiction, and with intimate stabbing, not vicious stabbing. The sound of Her smile pops loud in the square where thoughts hide, like a Jack-n-Box, drowning out the steam that the tea pot sings. Dreams of happy couple scenes written on the brain ring and ring, like Salvation Ladies. Again, what happened during the night? Maybe the moon fell in Love with the thought of knowing that the sun will always show up. Maybe the clouds did a little venting or the stars had so much fun skipping across the sky that they sparkled until they wailed up all teary inside. Or!!, maybe the future got so overwhelmed with excitement about what's to come between two mates sharing souls, that it burst thunder with emotional rain. Whatever happened during the night, hope it happens again every night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Shot after shot, holding the bar on his shoulders, like the Atlas Man; toasted off fermented agave, he gets lost in a world of thoughts full of Her. Lungs heavy with emotion, Love is in the air, but is it being breathed deep enough? Or is it just another exhale moment waiting to be exhaled? Day dreams of finger fondling in summer settings where fields of lavender and yellow lilies camouflage their fertile bodies, like big cats hiding in tall weeds waiting to pounce upon passing prey. Nose to nose, close cuddling on a pallet made of soft silk and freshly knitted alpaca. Hands raised heaven high, requesting that the sky turn the volume of the night up, so that they can slow dance laying down. With Her on Her side and Him spooning Her from behind, Hand on Her thigh, He moves Her hair to the side pecking Her neck with slow kisses while She grinds Her ass against his waistline. They roll around on a mattress of grass stuck together, like lint. Two peas in a pod creating a blanket of affection, warm enough to sweat out the chills of all those who came before and left things a little cold. Up the Hill, Jack and Jill, the same way they go up, is the same way they'll come down, "Together."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Paranormal Love

In a room full of demons, but nothing about Her scared me. She spoke and I hung on Her every word, like Christians and their Bible. I admire the Love She has for Her father and wanted to mimic his soul, so that I too I could feel that kind of forever Love. Her Super Natural is contagious and with Her I never want to be immune. All Good in Her Hair, tangled in the coarse curls of Her life, my soul is Relaxed and I am more than ready to fight and defeat any and all suitors with the power of seventy people, emerging as Her one and only "Champi-Man." Dreaming isn't just meant for sleeping and Wishing isn't just meant for cakes with candles, so consecutively I'll do both with make sure I double my chances.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hands tied, it's a struggle to walk away from them. Tortured by hurt and held hostage by the familiar routine of dealing only with them. Their lies become terrorist, blowing up the very foundation that once stood strong. Down, but not out, fighting for life with one breath left, we use it to pray for the Heart's hero, "LOVE" to fly on in and rescue us.


 So here's a song I wrote for a Woman to sing. Tell me what you think.

Til death do us part, not if the truth does it first

First Verse:
I can patch the scar of daddy
Being lame
Bear the faces of fake friends
But the truth of how you really feel
Is a pain too painful to feel

You were never any Romeo
Just another Pinocchio
So let your nose grow
Cause I'd rather hear you lie, than to hear your hurting truth,
than to hear your hurting truth

Second verse:
Was taught by the Preacher Man
Thou shall not lie
but is there sin in hearing them
My Heart's my religion
so for it
I'll be a hypocrite


You sprinkled me with your dust, made me your tinker bell
But in the end
it was just a fairytale.

Chorus Repeat

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More than a Facebook comment.....

"....And so he glances, blessed with the sensitive hands of a caring Veterinarian whose Heart beats for mending fractured quills, for he too, knows what it is to be temporarily flightless. And with the air from his very own lungs he will be the light wind that lifts you to the Heavens where the clouds express how much they miss you and peers who look for you to lead the flock, can again celebrate the rise of their Angel............Fly On!!" --Me

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hooked Or Not Hooked?

Is it lust or the lure of Love trying to hook me, like a Deadliest Catch Cast? Is She the stream and I the Salmon trying to fight my way in Her life, in order to have life? Spawning a future full of amazing moments is why I toss my line out and patiently wait for Her to swim my way, but luck must have missed the boat because so far it's just me and my pole spinning line. Is She really the great catch or just another pocket feeder Kat, only to be thrown back?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disappointment Redemption

Is there a goon in the room or just a vacuum? Is it the mind or the conscience, or the conscience or the mind playing tricks? Making the see-er think that what's being seen, is what's being seen? Resurrected attraction chimes melodic in the wind. The sky opens up pouring a valley full of feelings. The Heart shifts in its safe, being moved around by a gentle thief with a perfect touch, trying to steal it. And a welcomed robbery at that, because it's been insured, but is the emotional premium worth the hike in price if it's all just an accident? Fear only scares those who can't see the light when it's dark, so the soul turns on its night vision to see what's possible, past the impossible and it's possible. When it hurts good it hurts good, but it's confusing when pain decides to dress in "hurts good" clothing, Deceiving!! And so comes the illusion; things appear the same, but don't feel the same. Multiple veins merged as one vein is how the flow should go. Peck slow kisses and soft fingertip affection tickles the tension, making the longing to bond bodies a conviction, but don't mistake Passion for a crime, the crime is in having no Passion. It's disappointment redemption. What you see is what you get, so "Fuck off" mind and just be happy with what you see.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mysterious Intentions

The mystery of someone's intentions is always the best part of getting familiar. If they like you, Love you, lust you, or just wanna friend zone you. What they see in you that you don't see in yourself or what they see in the two of you when you're used to just seeing for one of you. In the dark trying to find the switch, either you find the light or bang the hell out of your toes being clueless.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Halves Make All Things Whole

Her better half is what he wants to be. Somewhere Romantic, all coupled up and all cuddled up, with both feet barely buried in warm sand doing a toes tangle dance, while counting Heart shaped stars in a purple sky and listening to Purple Rain is how close to Her he wants to be. Asking without asking, he asked Her if She'd fight for him and not physically, but mentally because to him it would mean that Her feelings for him are just as strong as his feelings for Her. Together they make a great team, but can they play together happily without hating each other regretfully, indefinitely? Day and Night, his dreams fill fat with gorgeous visions of Her. Instead of sheep, he counts each moment that She's ever made him think happy, so in a letter he wrote before he slept he spoke, "I want more of you to count, so please wake me when you're ready to build a fort of those forever memories."

"He Likes Her"

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sound Of Music

There is nothing like the sound of Woman. And I don't mean the actual sound of sound, I mean the soothing sound of pure Womanhood. The loud tone of maturity is melodic!! Woman's wisdom is music to the ears, but only to those who appreciate this kind of symphony. Without Her, there would just be silence. The Heart would be flat, just a mute trying to read signs. New school or Old school you can find Her being played on every dial, but only the classics get their volume turned up. The Opera of relationship would be emotionless. The Gospel wouldn't be felt, feelings would just be hypocrites. 

So to the super producer producing this soulful rhythm that prevents our world from being full of noise, I am your biggest fan, your groupie with no plans of ever smearing your name or pirating your fine work. But I do have one request, keep composing your sweet serenade Miss Lady because not only me, but life is listening and it will applaud you with glued hands, giving you that eternal Standing O for as long as you're in the business of commanding the stage and giving "You" your all. "Success is your baton, now conduct the orchestra."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Epiphany #11

Hmmmm.........I just realized after all this effort put forth that sometimes you just gotta let them fall in Love with you. Put your best foot forward and trust that they'll like the steps you've been taking, and that they'll catch a sick fetish for your fashion of footwear. If not, then walk away, don't stand around on your heels until your soul is tired and worn out, just give'em the boot. Have faith in knowing that there's no one else who could ever fill your size. And when you decide to lace up again, make sure you've dusted all the smudge off clean because no one likes a person who wears dirty shoes.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


"Breakout your ego duster, your Windex for seeing the fake clearly, your Comet for scrubbing away the evil, and your Pledge for bringing out the shine because it's soul cleaning time. The amount of change found between the cushion of our lives always makes us that much richer."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something's In The Wind

Success is in the wind, like pollen, and only those allergic will be allergic. Hand on my Heart, facing the task with no pride, I promise to wear a permanent smile, like a Special Olympic Child. Aint no mountain high enough and Aint no barrel low enough for me to ever use the backs of others to climb my way up. The rise to the top isn't valuable if you don't earn your wings. Born to fly, I must have been a Wright Brother in my first life, so it's only right that I be a Right Brother in my current life. Dreams busy dreaming overtime, dreaming loud as Martin's speech, but turning the other cheek to get more sleep is lazy, enough's enough, it's time to pound the streets, take action and make dreams happen "By Any Means," like Malcolm preached. Success is in the wind so put your finger to it, channel Nike and 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Your Morning PSA

Women may not have "D$%KS" between their legs, but some of them act real cocky when they get a new man, and that's cool, but you might wanna make it last a while before you brag, unless you like the taste of foot in your mouth? Because let's be honest, it's in our nature (some men) to disappointment. This has been your Morning PSA or if that's to vulgar "WSA."

Monday, September 13, 2010

"My Sis...Just feeling some kind of way..." by Miranda Bowden

Miranda Bowden
I remember the way you laugh because mine sounds so familiar. I remember the way you smile because I scrunch my nose the same and my eyes squint. I remember the look on your face when you contemplated a question or thought, because we all look dazed or confused when we are deep in thought. I remember the arguments, the debates on topics that would never affect us. We were bull headed and stubborn and cut from the same cloth. I remember the flighty feeling you described. So much like your mother, knowing you would never settle long. I remember laughing at the jobs you would take for some reason or another or just because you could. I remember you calling me “big silly” because I was always smiling. I never let anyone still my shine. You made me promise. You made me swear. I remember the day we walked for hours and you told me life held no secrets, only the truths I wished to keep from myself. You asked me what made me “me”. I couldn’t answer just then and I never had a chance too. I remember you pushing my munchkin on the swings and teaching her the feeling of flying. She loved your embrace. She misses your face. When did you leave me? When did I cry? When was the day I would say you died? Tears flow when I think of my words scrawling across a page, knowing you would stay up late and read my stories like they were your own. I smile at your thoughts, I cry for my own self loss. I’m selfish when I remember why I wish you were here. Today is one of those days. I woke up wondering what my next step was, rather than feeling the freedom of just taking it. Tomorrow is my destiny because I would rather have today to remember yours! I miss you sis!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Being Blind Is Really Seeing

The best way to see Love is to be blind, and not the Ray Charles still feeling wrist kind of blind, but the put physical appearance-reliance out of mind kind of blind. What you see is what you get, but if you look beyond the surface of things there's always more to see. Turn your eyes off and try more listening. Have real faith in what you're feeling, and trust that even a dog will lead you in the right direction.

Friday, September 10, 2010

One Way

For the most part, Love is a one way street that you hope someone makes a wrong turn, in the right way, toward your way. Or that they ignore the signs that someone else has posted and decides to drive your way. Either way you should always keep driving toward destination, "Loving Way."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HBO "His Beauty Ode"

He wanted Her to be his Sloan, but it seemed like She wanted someone with an Entourage, someone who screams loud about their Gold. Patience is a virtue, so he was all for the taking it slow, but he's no Turtle, just a man who didn't mind hurdling a few hurdles. He thought She was worth his Chase, but not worth the Drama of trying to keep a straight face, while others kept winning Her race. Sunrise to sunset he fantasized about being Notebook emotional with Her; August sensitive and touchy-feely, like X head's jacked up on E. Used to only Street Love, She called him gay for listening to Lloyd, but if She only knew, She'd know, that he was just trying to teach Her Lessons in Love.

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Be Not......" by Keanna Nicole Bonner-Lewis

Keanna Nicole Bonner-Lewis
Be not my selfish Lover. Spread yourself all over me, make your presence known fore I am not shy nor shame faced. Who can bring shame to me? Give air to this broken vessel. Share a peaceful song with me, and when our song is over, fly far away.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If I Only Had A Dorothy....

She asked if I was some sort of Wizard the way I was passing out Heart. I told Her no, but with a little courage in me I could be Her L. Frank Baum and show Her the way to Oz where a little brain could send Her Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She smiled, clicked Her heels and eased on down the road. Leaving me with a stiff axe and having to oil my own Tin Man. If I only had a Dorothy who'd walk my brick road.......

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)

She's done it again and I Love it!!

Now, a really good friend of mine argured that I'm just a die hard Jazmine Sullivan fan so She believes I will Love anything Miss Sullivan does, well not true because I'm a big Spike Lee Fan and I had some creative dislikes about his last movie. (I won't mention the name of it because I want you to Google it and still support) So fan or no fan I will do my best to always avoid man's greatest weapon "LIE." With that said, I Love the energy of this song, it feels good and once again Jazmine's talent is pie for the ears. Sing On Jaz!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Being You Is An Art, So Paint Honest

My First Painting

Into the glass we look, arguing with the mirror of life about who we wanna be, like parents and teens disagreeing. Some of us are just grown-ass, lazy teens with bad life-ethic, thinking we can cheat being unique by shaping our mold like the molds of others, which in the end is how we come out all ugly and warped.Trying to fool the GodCasso that we're art is an insult to the painter who created painting, and who can spot a knock off; a fake, faster than counterfeit cops tipped by a snitch. It's much more wiser to face the flaws in our own reflections than to exist in the shadow of someone else's darkness, so be you, all of you and not just a shell of you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


"Family"........By definition; An institution living under one roof deriving from common stock, united by certain convictions or a common affiliation, "A fellowship." Family is the foundation by which many of us remain stable, be it mentally, physically or financially; we are honestly supposed to be each others back and not each others stab in the back. It is strength in numbers not strength in a number. Foreigners with a hunger for furthering the advance, set out to foreign lands with only one plan, sacrificing for their lambs. Whether directly, extended or married in, names may change and not always be spelled the same, but the blood in the veins remains the same. There is no I in team yet we continue to keep trying to spell it that way. Family is a syndicate, "A Mafia," so crime should never be internalized. It's Family not "Fam Me!!" There will always be battles, and "Things" will always try hard to come between, but in the end there should always be Peace so that the little ones underneath understand how to be a "Family." 
R.I.P GrandDaddy Leon

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank You With Love For The Love

So as you all may know I just had a birthday because each of you wished me a happy one. And as my born day ran its course, and as I downed two for one drinks at Sharkeez for about ummm....four hours straight, it dawned on me, while I was still sober, how much of a fan I have truly become of the simple things. Some of you know me personally and some of you know me socially, but for those who don't, I've done a few things, been a few places and shook a few hands in this short (and literally short) but bountiful life of mine. You can call it getting old, getting wiser, cultured or all of the above, well I call it "Getting Real Simple!!" Too often we get lost in riding the waves of someone else's belief when truthfully we don't even like surfing. With that rambling said, "I Thank You All For The Kind Birthday Wishes," which were the most priceless expressions of the simple things that anyone could ever spend on me and I appreciate y'all for making it rain, but don't hesitate to send gifts next year Ya Digggg!!!!!......LOL

ONE4...I'M OUT!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Pilgrimage Itinerary To You

I have tears on my mind. My Joy for the journey is emotional. With faith on cruise control, it's a trip worthy of each droplet of sweat once the maneuvering of potholes in the pavement of life have been successfully navigated, where even the blind man who's too stubborn to see couldn't get off course. Be a sponge my kindred friend, so that you too may cleanse in the many miles of a glorious pilgrimage while traveling the open road toward a better self. But before setting out you mustn't be too vain to check yourself whenever a tuneup is needed. Make sure that the maintenance for the Heart's Love is changed regularly, so that it pumps forgiveness and compassion Lovingly throughout the soul of your vessel. Green light....Go!! God Speed is the speed that the odometer should read so don't be afraid to push the limit because you won't win the race if your spiritual petro is low. But be careful, drive your drive with caution, false fantasies and the funk of failure sometimes like to dart across your lane, like white tail deer, testing your skill and confidence when it comes to dodging soul-killing obstacles.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quotes Of The Me

"How is it that some people have a greedy ass appetite for being full of themselves when they've never digested one dish of substance, just a plate with a whole lot of junk?"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Title Less Rant.......

....It's about how bright the memory is when the Color starts to fade. How funny the laugh is when the comedy isn't so belly-achingly humorous anymore. It's about how deep of an impression was left-imprinted on the fibers of emotional feelings, so that when the next key holder to the Heart's fortune is chosen, they aren't held responsible for what it is that the careless predecessor failed to execute. The rain may not always smell as fresh as it did at first drop, but it will always cleanse what needs to be cleansed when the face of trust is all dirtied with distrust. God's child; faith will wet its thumbs and cleanse the soul, like hygiene obsessive Mommies lathering the cheeks of anti-tidy babies.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"What is Love" by Brenda Perez

Brenda Perez
What is Love? It is one of the most valuable words in the world. As I sit here really trying to think of what it is, but I can't because its really that unexplainable. Love can be the most precious gift or the most toxic drug. Love can change you as a person for better, or for worse than better, but I still don't know If I can really sit here and tell you what it is. Love is one of those things that can be determined by an individual and an individual only. I have a Love hate relationship with the drug "Love". Stuck on it, it can heal you and make you feel so high, but it also can slowly destroy you. At times I felt like I knew exactly what Love was or what I wanted out of it, then the thought would quickly switch on me as if it never existed. I now feel the most important thing is to appreciate, accept and be happy with just being me; Loving myself fully before committing to Loving anything outwardly.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Epiphany #10

If you ask them "Who was that on the phone" and they say "Oh just my friend", but all their other friends have names whenever they speak of them? Then more than likely the person on the phone was more than just a friend.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Silver Back Will Always Pound Its Chest.

It's funny how men never exhaust the bravado that paints the armor of their male ego thick, like primer paint on the chassis of badly repaired cars, over the course of their naturally lived lives. Leaving Subway with a veggie patty on omega nine, toasted and dry, in hand, I held the door open for an elderly Woman and Her elderly husband. And with one hand on His walker and the other held high to signal me, in a soft but aggressive voice, the elderly man politely, but firmly informed me, "I got it." The wife in elderly motion (which is a speed slower than slow motion) turned Her head and with a wrinkled smile blushed as if it were 1950 something all over again and they were a newly courting couple, after he had just earned the right of going steady with Her by out manning me. It was cute and sweet. No matter how old men get the Silver Back in us will always pound its chest.

Monday, July 19, 2010

INCEPTION's Clueless Projections

You can tell who saw "INCEPTION" over the weekend because all of a sudden their Twitter, MySpace, (wait is anyone still using MySpace?) and Facebook status messages are all about deep dreams, subconscious, unconscious and conscious mind mending thinking. Serious? Since when? And it's "Conscious" not "Consxious" People!!! Learn how to spell the word right before you suggest that your mind is that broad (insert laugh track here).


Friday, July 16, 2010


I will keep this one really simple......"Go See It!!!"
Best movie of the year (so far) hands down.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Epiphany #9

If they promised you that they'd leave them and they're still in the present, then they're never going to leave them.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wishing Wells....."The Hustlers Free Money ATM"

I think the wishing well is the genius creation of one smart ass hustler.Whether built simple or massively elaborate they just sit there with eternal life collecting free money, feeding off our undying lust for some outside source to just show up at our doors and make life great for us. Forget investing in stock, wash houses or weed shops (OK maybe not the weed shops) I'm about to build a few wishing wells. You never see them over filled, that's because some wealthy scrooge is collecting, stuffing their pockets plumply.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Massage Me Right Here...Please!!!!!

They're the crook in our necks. The kind we don't know how we got or how to get rid of, because at first, it's not an obvious pain it's just a little sting that can be lived with it until it starts to pinch the nerves. Paralyzed by that thing that they do; that someone else before them did too, but it meant nothing to you. Mathematicians, yet we can't count all the rejection which in the end never adds up. Tired, but we still chase them for years, only for someone else with shorter legs to win. Where's the switch at to cut their light? How do they still shine when there's no connection to power the energy between the two of you?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Mighty Apple Army

The lines for the new iPhone is stupid!! Man I tell you, a world full of followers. It's more of this docile breed than there are roaches, and when you've got them, boy do you got them. If only these so easily led droids were this eager and anxious to stand in line to help one another; their brother, sister, brother and sister from another Mother. You know, sleep on the sidewalks in sleeping bags until the people who sleep on the streets with no choice have a choice movement!! Between the Apple and Twilight Freaks alone, we'd have a Zillion soldiers for Humanity ready to battle the equality for all Humanity.....Sigh!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quotes Of The Me

"If you're a plane too afraid to use its wings, then you don't belong in the clouds, you belong on the ground with the rest of them whose dreams never fly."

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Art of Prioritizing the Court

It's crazy interesting how you can so easily forget the names of people that you've spent everyday of your life with for scores upon scores. Be it coworkers on a job, classmates in a classroom or a neighbor who lives just a plaster of wall away from you; but then there are the people who you haven't spent a day with, not a second, minute or even half of a millisecond, but yet you feel as though you've spent your entire life with them. Their faces are permanent murals forever painted on the temple of your brain, never needing any sort of restoration. 
You know their strengths, their fears, their truths, their lies and even the lies they tell themselves, which gives you a special kind of insight when it comes to the sight they have trouble seeing, making you the only optometrist who sees their vision. You know all their life's favorites and their life's dislikes. 
You know where to scratch when they don't have an itch. 
You make things matter that in any other situation wouldn't matter, like their dog's birthday, don't put lettuce in their burrito because they hate it soggy, how they like their towels folded, what side of the bed they prefer to sleep on or what streets they like to take even though you might know a better way. 
You keep a calendar of all dates and events even the ones that haven't been marked with an X yet. 
You remember their scent when your nose no longer remembers what it is to smell or their taste when you forget what flavor is. If they were the measurement for IQ then you'd legally be diagnosed genius. But the question is, how do you live in their memory and get them to not forget about you?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Epiphany #8

If you Love them, but they say you can't afford them, then Love's not what they're looking for so move on, count it as a loss and don't take it personal, because the one meant for you will Love you at no cost.....Priceless!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Awkward Moments....

So I'm talking to this very attractive Woman and after 10 minutes of great conversation and me giving Her every compliment I could give Her and Her just blushing until She was burgandy, Her brother walks up and he looks just like Her. So now I can't finish talking to Her because now as I look at Her all I see is a pretty face with a goatee and the once pretty free flowing hair dreamed of running my fingers thru is now a bowl fade with a tight line up.....WTF!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Miss You Mom.....

For Me, Mom's is only just a Heaven's stop away, but it's always still too far for me on days like this and all the rest of my three hundred and sixty four. Glad you're above and I know you hear me loud and clear so, "HAPPY MOM DAY." Always Honored and Missed I Love You Forever....I am the "Son of Paris."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shine from the Rise........

The shine from the rise is brighter than its ever been. The birds don't just chirp they sound like a chorus at Carnegie in perfect sync, and pitch pretty harmony. The leaves don't just jump from the trees and lie down on the ground to be stepped on, no, they dance to the sound of the wind, well choreographed with soul, like the finale at the end of the Wiz. The breeze ain't just blowing shit, no, it softly kisses the skin, like a considerate and caring Lover, gently pecking at the places most sensitive, sending chills up and down the body, like a mechanical massage.

Mothers cook Hearty breakfast from scratch, none of that microwave or fast food crap, while fathers team work and help get the kids dressed, none of that chauvinism mess. People sharing the streets walk with their heads up, smiling-friendly, beating one another at speaking kindly. Trash men clean the concrete so well that they sparkle, like glitter painted fingernails. Asian store keepers pass out free fruit so the teens headed to school don't steal; but instead they're taught a valuable lesson about giving which in return, somewhere in the future, down the road of their lives, they too will pay it forward. Dogs walk themselves and bag their own shit. Street Kats preach asset advice and actual facts you can learn from and not that standard, conspiracy, fuck the white man rhetoric.

They say how you start is how you end, so the sun getting off and the moon clocking in is now highly anticipated. If it's arrival were a movie trailer or billboard it would read, "With no time to sleep, Illuminating Dreams fill the sky full. Coming Soon!! "The Glow" where you're a star even if they never name you. This picture has been Rated Success and can only be viewed in a Focused 3D."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I thought Her body was my canvas?

Women with Tattoos either you Hate 'em, Like 'em, or Love 'em. For me it depends on how in shape She is because if when She first got the tattoo it was of roaring panther, but now it looks like a tired panther feeding a big ass litter, then that's kind of hard to find sexy. And what if man is dating a Woman with tattoos and he has none does that mean by default She wins more of the arguments?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A letter for all those who need a little reality reading

We've come a long way, but we've also stopped where we were going and forgotten where we were headed, like GrandMa's mind. Our confidence was once Center size and the top was never too high enough, but now we can't seem to reach where we're supposed to be, like kids trying to get what's on the top shelf. Sick with excuses success is the only cure now. Bored with all the dreaming, it's time for real living now. Roses and flowers of all kinds frown and wilt as we walk by because we're blocking the light and they're dying for us to shine. Our faith feels tired, maybe because we're not using it enough. Kidneys soaked in One Barrel because we're drinking too much. We've tried to cry it out, but our tears are all dried out. Grumpy, like Grandpa's, blaming everything and everybody except for the person where the blame is actually coming from. Staring at the sky as if the life we're supposed to live is just going to fall out of it and hit us on the head, like some space apple.

We don't need help thinking, we need help with doing what it is that we're thinking. Some self help magazine asked, "What is it that we like about ourselves?" and after thinking, the honest answer is, "We can't pick a part of our selves until we pick apart ourselves."

Taught to trick life, but the truth is, magic only happens if you're a rabbit so our show has to be believable because failure can always smell a fraud, like bloodhounds hunting fugitives. A ten and two fives is how rich some of our wallets are so we stress about how to double, triple and quadruple that times one hundred. Life lessons learned the hard way from mistakes and certain tough choices is time wasted, but never a waste of time. Only wasting time not learning is a life wasted, so it's probably more wise to not be wasteful. Standing with our hands out will only allow us to take what we can get. We must make life stick its hands up, dig into its pockets and take what's ours.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Epiphany #7

If they're raising a child alone with no spouse around it doesn't always mean that they're damaged, it just might mean they know how to manage.

Friday, March 26, 2010

What Killed The Glass Of Tap Water?...."The Bottle Did"

Bottle water killed the complimentary offering of a glass of water to guest. It makes house, apartment or condo guest real greedy. They'll open one, half drink it, then take it, and a new one for the road. I'm going to start breaking out that pitcher of Brita filtered water with glasses again and add lemon slices because lemon slices always make you forget that you're drinking tap water. And to all my trend following-consumer friends who are addicts for good marketing, "Smart Water" will not make you smart "Reading Will!!!" Trust me, one of my boy has been drinking "Smart Water" for years and he just got caught sexting back and forth with his assistant. His wife put his raunchy self photo shoot into a slide show then emailed his whole contact list. So whatever water his wife drinks he needs to start drinking that!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Epiphany #6

If you open up their closet and you are avalanched by a mountain of their junk then that means they still haven't dealt with all their mess and probably don't know how, so bring your maids kit and apron because you'll be doing a lot of soul cleaning.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The NFL Combine...."The Athlete Auction"

Well that time of year has come and gone again where young super freak athletes built like Skynet T-800's parade around a field made of artificial green being told when to jump, when to run and how fast to do it, it's the human "Best in Show". Whoring what's left of their athletic talents at the 2010 NFL Combine, after the good Old Collegiate Mob and Shady Booster Dons have already slutted out their talents for billions of that new, funny looking money in exchange for buffet type meals, warm up sweats advertising the schools name (free walking ad space), a few girls who give them an early dose of how addicting fame can be, and an education that most of them never even get. All for the sake of wanting to do what they Love, "Play," buy Mom and Big Momma that dream home down the street from the hood and to be able to trade in the lemon that barely made it to each and every one of their Pop Warner and high school games for the German experience, a Mercedes Sl v12, with heated leather, navigation and wood grain. Oh and let's not forget do a little splurging on themselves, not limited to, but exhausting a few G's; making it rain inside clubs, normal or nude, or mining a neck, wrist or mouth full of those blingy things.

After watching this years future Monday Night prospects push themselves to be valued high in the eyes of those who crunch the numbers and determine these Gridiron Cyborgs' worth based on pre-written guides, like some sort of NFL Kelley Blue Book; how old they are, their weight, height, how fast they run the 40, and how long they'll last in a game where every time they touch the field it is like being in mini car accidents. Where each down played is an investment made in the bank of "Brain damage," which I guess turns out to be a much better diversified portfolio than being bankrupt vegetables, "Spine or the Mind, Mind or the Spine?"

There are only two activities that take place over the six days, the personal interview and the drug testing that I midgetly agree with. Contradicting myself just for a brief moment and tapping into my own inner business man, I can kind of understand owners wanting to know what they're investing in, but even that concern has its limits to me because that's what behavior clauses in contracts are for, "Behave or don't get paid." Sad thing is most of the players invited will probably never even make it out of the Combine to become household names, only to be written off as just clunkers, never getting a chance to earn any of the cash, which is why some, I guess, invitees take their chances by not even attending. Critics or experts, experts or critics say it's a risky move when it comes to how high a player drafts. But I like the gamble just for the principle "Draft me for what I've done already and let me finish proving while you're paying me," that's one hell of a poker face.

I wonder though, do other professionals like doctors or lawyers endure this same kind of exploited obstacle course after they've already proven themselves worthy by finishing med school or passing the bar? I know in every industry or on every job there is competition to remain and exist, but usually it's that way once you're already a part of the team; getting paid, competing to remain a part of the team all while continuing to be paid right?

I mean are med students put in a surgery room the size of an arena with other med students and timed on how fast they perform an open heart surgery? Or are Law students put in a courtroom to see how many witnesses they can break in a day? How well they studied and what ivy league school they obtained their degree from is often enough to pave their way. If I'm not mistaken, medical students are paid minimal salaries while they do their residencies and the same goes for Law students when they're legal assistants. The outcome of their careers rest solely on their shoulders, it's up to them how long they burn the oil in the libraries studying. Which is the equivalent to a student athlete eating right, daily weight room workouts, staying out of trouble (which still bugs me to why it's so important for athletes to be held to that standard and not other elected "Role Models") and avoiding all foul play 

i. e., drugs and steroids. But yet they don't get paid for this same focus and discipline as their fellow future professionals. And if a player does decide to partake in the fruits of their labor and accept bags full of cash gifts it is a violation, in comes the banishing, quickly ruining their future which is why I again respect the athlete who decides not to attend; "You can't win for losing," so play how you wanna play and at your own risk.

I must say the whole process seems a little slavish. All that's missing is some Massa looking man examining their nude frames, stretching and opening their jaws just to show how strong their teeth are in front of an audience full of pale, sun stressed looking potential buyers and owners, while rapidly shouting out prices for their stock, "45,55,65 Sold!" Now some would argue, "No one is twisting their arms," well maybe not someone, but life sure is.

Life has them hostage and ain't no negotiating. Rent, gas and lights keep their hands bound and demand to be paid. Then let's not forget about family, close and extended who depend on them to feed the whole nest. Family is the hybrid beggar, a cross between the IRS and a disgruntled ex wife, "They want more than half" of what you worked so hard for, which is a special kind of pressure in itself because they never want to be the warrior who let the village down, leaving them with a smeared name, "Aww he really changed." But none of what I just said should even be an argument because the truth is they are future professionals who have worked just as hard as other future professionals and should be able to step through the same doors without having to build the same door over and over again before they walk through it.

When the ink on the headlines dries, A "Riser" or "Faller," one of the two titles will be the Sir that stands before each of the young athlete's name. It's not my birthday, but I wish I were in charge of passing out the sir names because they'd all be Risers to me, just for making it this far.