Thursday, September 24, 2009

A.D.I.D.A.S "All Day I Dream About She"

Hand asleep, resting on the back of my head, I am chilling, like a Rasta in a hammock, on some Caribbean beach drinking ice cold ginger beer. My left leg stretched, hanging off the end of the mattress, I'm only 5'7, but I'm in a kiddy bed. Right foot is white girl butt...."Flat,"on the sheet with my knee pointing high, like a snitch on weed...I am thinking of Her. My eyes are the color of Cardinals, shaped like Valentine candy; Love is what I see. Wrapped around Her life, like ring candy is where I'd like to be, but is She sweet? Will She have me hyper, like children wired off Jelly Beans? Or will She leave me numb and real veggie, like children drugged off Ritalin? They say "Only time can tell," but I speak now because I don't always understand time. So am I dumb and the opposite of right for being stubborn and set on what I like? Is the flush flirting too forward and only just fooling feelings round? Is She a talker now, but a mute when things get a little too serious? They say that if you have to ask yourself these many questions then it isn't meant to be, but who are they? What do they know about what's meant to be if they've never created no world in seven days or parted any sea's? Together we are Gods because heaven is what we create and not what "They Say!!".
Photo Model: Nnenna Agba

Monday, September 21, 2009


Squeeze five prayers in the air with hopes that my aim for God's Heart is a bulls eye, and if I miss I'll cross my fingers and toes and wish that the strays find away to hit Allah and every other deity in their extremities multiple times. Baptised Christian, but I don't remember, so my faith still believes that Heaven is up and that Hell is down just because this belief has been taught to me to believe, since being a crawler, low to the ground.

Grammies favourite Grand B, but I neglect the old Lady, like home nursing. I'll miss Her when She's gone, maybe that's why I've disconnected myself so early, so that when She is gone I'll already be used to missing Her.

Coast Cruising on a Cool Cali night, mixed with a head full of heavy thinking makes me dream magical, like Walt Disney, but ain't no fairy in me so I'm always ready to knuckle up with life when trying to paint me timidly. Graduated high school, but that's where the schooling stopped and the real schooling started. Between the sky and the cement on the campus of Crabs in a Barrel Uni V, I was taught survival by Professor Hustle. A Graduate at the top of my class, I payback my life's loan by investing in the "each one teach one" plan, so I mentor the weak in hopes that they'll catch the same itch for success that I caught without fucking their lives away.

Storied stories read between the pages of me, like well written screenplays. Steady trying to understand me, so I'm always reading me, over and over and over again until I have all the pages loaded in, like a Sony reader. Mistakes are four play for Miss wisdom so I'm usually pretty promiscuous with the Lady. I view failure with tunnel vision because I'm not trying to see it around me. I'm the product and the prophet so no one can ever sell me short but me and I'm not into doing bad business with myself, like Black People so I'll always spread the wealth amongst myself, like Jewish People. No road will ever end because I'll hit reverse, turn around and do it all over again.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Where You'll Be..."

There is no crystal ball to look in and see where you'll one day be. You can have all the plans and ideas you like, but life is about moments and how you live in the moment when the moment is placed upon you. How stable you are will determine how stable you'll be.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"A Day With Dad"

I just spent the day with my dad and it was very weird to see what I would look like at the age 54. Now minus the missing front teeth, blind right eye, excuses for why he never made it, the drinking and the smoking the future wasn't to bad to see because I plan to have his few little bumps all cleared up. No matter his own mishaps or lack of being a Dad to me I enjoyed every minute of our visit and I look forward to my very first sleep over, just him and me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A.D.I.D.A.S "All Day I Dream About She"

On a stage only big enough for two, I watch the drama of your feelings and emotions being played out. Not entertained by the other characters too lucky to even have roles in your life. I criticize in the weekly column of my mind, praying for the shows end, so that mine can one day Lovingly begin. Hungry to illuminate my Heart's shine, I court you with persistent passion; penned on your Heart's notepad is where it's meant to stain well.

Backstage I watch for mistakes with success in my eyes, waiting for a chance to steal the scene from he who plays your leading man but lacks the talent to play the part with real Heart. You mentioned having patience which is something I've come to know all too well, as I stand outside your life's window throwing stones of affection only to have them tossed in another direction. I fear for your Heart's depression, if you continue to invest all you've got into worthless junk-bonds, but if ever you're alone and need a loan of rich admiration and jokes to make you laugh until you're aching I will always be your bail out.
The world may not revolve around you but it definitely wouldn't spin without you. To Me, you mean.
Photo Model: Satya Persaud

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Lost and Found"

She can't seem to find Her mojo. She said She last saw it on the day She woke up happy to be Her. She said She's checked everywhere; Her Heart's safe, underneath the cushion of Her soul and in the pockets of Her confidence. Maybe She lost it when She got news that She didn't want to get or when She gave it to him believing that the promise he made to give it back would be made. So now I'm here, out with my light, in the middle of the night whistling around her life trying to help Her find it and honestly.....I don't mind it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Two Drops"

If two drops of blood is all it takes to get test results then how much of my Love does it take to get results from Her?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"She....Or not?"

She trust me, She trust me not? She respects me, She respects me not? She's loyal, She's loyal not? She'll fight for us, She'll fight for us not? She likes the man that I am, She likes the man that I am not? She supports dream, She supports dream not? She sees the future, She sees the future not? She has patience for growth, She has patience for growth not? She will Love to Love, She will Love to Love...not?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bridging The Gap

The bridge between your world and Her world must be made of steel and not that shaky shit, if you plan on being sturdy. The miserable will always cross you and ride you tough, but how strong your foundation is will determine if you'll fall or not. Together you'll always be able to hold the weight of the world and you'll both be the passage for one another, over all obstacles if you have good structure. Others will point, whisper and marvel at your unique design, wishing that they had the tools to build and construct such a polished beauty.

Most of us spend a lifetime traveling, lonely and Loveless, with no real direction on how to navigate our emotions without getting lost. So when you find the right compass don't be afraid to let it map out your Heart and guide you safely along that Romantic journey of united unity. The stars may light you and the the wind may lift you, but it's up to you to plant the seed that will help you and Her, Her and grow.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


If the ocean's tide can massage it's wave across the beach's sand without hands and the solid soil can hug the old-oak's roots tight, like college good byes; If the mountain tops can kiss the sky's forehead every morning without ever forgetting; if the sun can show up for it's date with life, never late and always on time and if the wind chimes can whistle moans of ecstasy every time the breeze makes Love. Then tell me, what's our excuse?