Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nightly Happenings

Out the window bright eyes gaze at the land of "All Things Are Promised," but only with promise. Morning mist coats the glass; life's been crying outside, makes you wonder what happened during the night. Using a soft tip finger to pencil the letters of Her name in the sweaty pane, it's an expression of joy and not one of pain, and also just sure way for Her to remain, permanently! Making Her Stained Glass on the mirror of the man in the mirror. Bonnie and Clyde, but bullet proof. Sid and Nancy, but with a Love addiction, and with intimate stabbing, not vicious stabbing. The sound of Her smile pops loud in the square where thoughts hide, like a Jack-n-Box, drowning out the steam that the tea pot sings. Dreams of happy couple scenes written on the brain ring and ring, like Salvation Ladies. Again, what happened during the night? Maybe the moon fell in Love with the thought of knowing that the sun will always show up. Maybe the clouds did a little venting or the stars had so much fun skipping across the sky that they sparkled until they wailed up all teary inside. Or!!, maybe the future got so overwhelmed with excitement about what's to come between two mates sharing souls, that it burst thunder with emotional rain. Whatever happened during the night, hope it happens again every night.