Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A.D.I.D.A.S "All Day I Dream About She"

We met at a zoo in a city where the weather's thermostat was right in the middle of hot and cold. I stood in front of a deep blue aquarium full of fish that looked as if they were colored by a rainbow. Waiting on you to arrive because I was one step above being on time..."I was early"...I held a bouquet of mixed berry-flavored cotton candy behind my back like a dozen red roses. As you arrived I kneeled on one knee just below your waistline like it was the measurement chart at an amusement park. I handed you your sweet gift and asked, "Will you be mine?" Blinded by your high beam smile you said, "No silly I have a Boyfriend," then out of nowhere one tear fell from your eye and with a look of surprise you wiped it dry, then started to taste my surprise. We walked and held hands in the imagination of my mind, but it felt beyond real because I could feel your fingers massaging my knuckles, clutched tight between mine. You talked about your day and I listened with joy like it was soul music. My shoulder was tapped so I looked behind us and it was our shadows, all hugged up showing us how we really should be; hand in your back pocket and yours in mine, pecking kisses being exchanged every other... other step we make. You mentioned that he never takes this time and out of nowhere another tear fell from your eye. This time I caught it with the tip of my thumb and placed it in my pocket because at that moment I promised to save you the price of spending anymore tears.........Then I woke up
Photo Model: Brandi ALexander


  1. Very nice Mr. Edwards! -Kafi G.

  2. Very nice Mr. Edwards! -Kafi G.