Saturday, March 21, 2009

A.D.I.D.A.S "All Day I Dream About She"

I reached out with an invite to snoop around the halls of your life and you caught me with a nosy nose of your own and signaled me to find my way in.

The first few days were as potent as a summer romance in the city of Paris. Our minds spoke a common English, but secretly I dreamed that we both were bilingual so that our lips could speak a little French. The official language of Lovers. Do you like to teach? If so can you tutor me with this grammar? You probed with interest and I sparkled, like the Eiffel at night. The image of your smile splashed across my face, like morning rain. Baptized in your glory I felt like a saint because my thoughts practiced abstinence. My lust tightly dressed in chastity couture I held back, like a bull in its pen, steaming to get out. The chatter of cute convo has grown up, moved its way out and moved short talk in. Silence has fallen upon this loud party of feel good flirting, but like old folks who wear aids to hear clearly I will turn my ears up volume high until the sound of intrigue blasts sonic again.
Photo Model: Brandi ALexander

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