Monday, September 7, 2009

Bridging The Gap

The bridge between your world and Her world must be made of steel and not that shaky shit, if you plan on being sturdy. The miserable will always cross you and ride you tough, but how strong your foundation is will determine if you'll fall or not. Together you'll always be able to hold the weight of the world and you'll both be the passage for one another, over all obstacles if you have good structure. Others will point, whisper and marvel at your unique design, wishing that they had the tools to build and construct such a polished beauty.

Most of us spend a lifetime traveling, lonely and Loveless, with no real direction on how to navigate our emotions without getting lost. So when you find the right compass don't be afraid to let it map out your Heart and guide you safely along that Romantic journey of united unity. The stars may light you and the the wind may lift you, but it's up to you to plant the seed that will help you and Her, Her and grow.

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