Monday, March 8, 2010

We Are Gods Kleenex

When it rains it's Gods way of letting us know that we're Loved. The joy is so overwhelming that the tears flood our lives all bubbly, like warm baths, cleansing us of everything that makes us dirty. And when our Holiness is done showering us with gallons of affectionate blessings, Cotton clouds brush across the Anointed ones' cheeks, soaking up every Loving drop of Hearty Heart left, like Bounty. And for our troubles of wearing shorts when it's pouring, ruining that new car wash or for nappying up freshly permed and stitched in weaves because of all the heavy sprinkling, God will smile a big bright rainbow across our gloomy sky to color our mood gay, keeping us happy until the next emotional vent storms our way.

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