Friday, March 26, 2010

What Killed The Glass Of Tap Water?...."The Bottle Did"

Bottle water killed the complimentary offering of a glass of water to guest. It makes house, apartment or condo guest real greedy. They'll open one, half drink it, then take it, and a new one for the road. I'm going to start breaking out that pitcher of Brita filtered water with glasses again and add lemon slices because lemon slices always make you forget that you're drinking tap water. And to all my trend following-consumer friends who are addicts for good marketing, "Smart Water" will not make you smart "Reading Will!!!" Trust me, one of my boy has been drinking "Smart Water" for years and he just got caught sexting back and forth with his assistant. His wife put his raunchy self photo shoot into a slide show then emailed his whole contact list. So whatever water his wife drinks he needs to start drinking that!!!

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