Saturday, April 24, 2010

A letter for all those who need a little reality reading

We've come a long way, but we've also stopped where we were going and forgotten where we were headed, like GrandMa's mind. Our confidence was once Center size and the top was never too high enough, but now we can't seem to reach where we're supposed to be, like kids trying to get what's on the top shelf. Sick with excuses success is the only cure now. Bored with all the dreaming, it's time for real living now. Roses and flowers of all kinds frown and wilt as we walk by because we're blocking the light and they're dying for us to shine. Our faith feels tired, maybe because we're not using it enough. Kidneys soaked in One Barrel because we're drinking too much. We've tried to cry it out, but our tears are all dried out. Grumpy, like Grandpa's, blaming everything and everybody except for the person where the blame is actually coming from. Staring at the sky as if the life we're supposed to live is just going to fall out of it and hit us on the head, like some space apple.

We don't need help thinking, we need help with doing what it is that we're thinking. Some self help magazine asked, "What is it that we like about ourselves?" and after thinking, the honest answer is, "We can't pick a part of our selves until we pick apart ourselves."

Taught to trick life, but the truth is, magic only happens if you're a rabbit so our show has to be believable because failure can always smell a fraud, like bloodhounds hunting fugitives. A ten and two fives is how rich some of our wallets are so we stress about how to double, triple and quadruple that times one hundred. Life lessons learned the hard way from mistakes and certain tough choices is time wasted, but never a waste of time. Only wasting time not learning is a life wasted, so it's probably more wise to not be wasteful. Standing with our hands out will only allow us to take what we can get. We must make life stick its hands up, dig into its pockets and take what's ours.

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