Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"What is Love" by Brenda Perez

Brenda Perez
What is Love? It is one of the most valuable words in the world. As I sit here really trying to think of what it is, but I can't because its really that unexplainable. Love can be the most precious gift or the most toxic drug. Love can change you as a person for better, or for worse than better, but I still don't know If I can really sit here and tell you what it is. Love is one of those things that can be determined by an individual and an individual only. I have a Love hate relationship with the drug "Love". Stuck on it, it can heal you and make you feel so high, but it also can slowly destroy you. At times I felt like I knew exactly what Love was or what I wanted out of it, then the thought would quickly switch on me as if it never existed. I now feel the most important thing is to appreciate, accept and be happy with just being me; Loving myself fully before committing to Loving anything outwardly.

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  1. Great Words Miss Perez. Thanks for being a guest writer today and please write again.....