Saturday, August 21, 2010


"Family"........By definition; An institution living under one roof deriving from common stock, united by certain convictions or a common affiliation, "A fellowship." Family is the foundation by which many of us remain stable, be it mentally, physically or financially; we are honestly supposed to be each others back and not each others stab in the back. It is strength in numbers not strength in a number. Foreigners with a hunger for furthering the advance, set out to foreign lands with only one plan, sacrificing for their lambs. Whether directly, extended or married in, names may change and not always be spelled the same, but the blood in the veins remains the same. There is no I in team yet we continue to keep trying to spell it that way. Family is a syndicate, "A Mafia," so crime should never be internalized. It's Family not "Fam Me!!" There will always be battles, and "Things" will always try hard to come between, but in the end there should always be Peace so that the little ones underneath understand how to be a "Family." 
R.I.P GrandDaddy Leon

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