Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Pilgrimage Itinerary To You

I have tears on my mind. My Joy for the journey is emotional. With faith on cruise control, it's a trip worthy of each droplet of sweat once the maneuvering of potholes in the pavement of life have been successfully navigated, where even the blind man who's too stubborn to see couldn't get off course. Be a sponge my kindred friend, so that you too may cleanse in the many miles of a glorious pilgrimage while traveling the open road toward a better self. But before setting out you mustn't be too vain to check yourself whenever a tuneup is needed. Make sure that the maintenance for the Heart's Love is changed regularly, so that it pumps forgiveness and compassion Lovingly throughout the soul of your vessel. Green light....Go!! God Speed is the speed that the odometer should read so don't be afraid to push the limit because you won't win the race if your spiritual petro is low. But be careful, drive your drive with caution, false fantasies and the funk of failure sometimes like to dart across your lane, like white tail deer, testing your skill and confidence when it comes to dodging soul-killing obstacles.

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