Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disappointment Redemption

Is there a goon in the room or just a vacuum? Is it the mind or the conscience, or the conscience or the mind playing tricks? Making the see-er think that what's being seen, is what's being seen? Resurrected attraction chimes melodic in the wind. The sky opens up pouring a valley full of feelings. The Heart shifts in its safe, being moved around by a gentle thief with a perfect touch, trying to steal it. And a welcomed robbery at that, because it's been insured, but is the emotional premium worth the hike in price if it's all just an accident? Fear only scares those who can't see the light when it's dark, so the soul turns on its night vision to see what's possible, past the impossible and it's possible. When it hurts good it hurts good, but it's confusing when pain decides to dress in "hurts good" clothing, Deceiving!! And so comes the illusion; things appear the same, but don't feel the same. Multiple veins merged as one vein is how the flow should go. Peck slow kisses and soft fingertip affection tickles the tension, making the longing to bond bodies a conviction, but don't mistake Passion for a crime, the crime is in having no Passion. It's disappointment redemption. What you see is what you get, so "Fuck off" mind and just be happy with what you see.

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