Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something's In The Wind

Success is in the wind, like pollen, and only those allergic will be allergic. Hand on my Heart, facing the task with no pride, I promise to wear a permanent smile, like a Special Olympic Child. Aint no mountain high enough and Aint no barrel low enough for me to ever use the backs of others to climb my way up. The rise to the top isn't valuable if you don't earn your wings. Born to fly, I must have been a Wright Brother in my first life, so it's only right that I be a Right Brother in my current life. Dreams busy dreaming overtime, dreaming loud as Martin's speech, but turning the other cheek to get more sleep is lazy, enough's enough, it's time to pound the streets, take action and make dreams happen "By Any Means," like Malcolm preached. Success is in the wind so put your finger to it, channel Nike and 

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