Monday, October 25, 2010

Awake Dreaming

He writes Her name in his sand and prays that the tide never washes it away because with Her he hopes to build a sturdy castle, the kind that never crumbles, even when the wolves try hard to blow it away. While on his journey to ride off into that perfect sunset, He's surfed many seas, but none have ever calmed the ripples in his dreams the way She calms the ones that wave around the hull of his Heart. In a lineup of many he chooses Her, but is he foolish for his choice? Questioning the future is a curious thing and not weak self esteem, so he ponders, like scientists over premature theories. She's moved him without busting a sweat, like Starving Students. He's got plans and they include Her, so there's no need for a prenup because She equals half of him. "The breeze that swept him lightly, warm and cuddly," is just a summary of his fantasy, but is She the whole plot? Is She the end and where the new begins? Can they shower with their clothes on and it not matter how soggy they look, just as long as they're soggy and close? Can he fuck Her and She know that he's really making Love to Her? This is not a game, but the questions are hunting for answers. Two Hearts on two different roads trying to merge lanes, but it's only One Way He'd to like to roll, so he's hoping She's down to carpool.

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