Monday, October 11, 2010


 So here's a song I wrote for a Woman to sing. Tell me what you think.

Til death do us part, not if the truth does it first

First Verse:
I can patch the scar of daddy
Being lame
Bear the faces of fake friends
But the truth of how you really feel
Is a pain too painful to feel

You were never any Romeo
Just another Pinocchio
So let your nose grow
Cause I'd rather hear you lie, than to hear your hurting truth,
than to hear your hurting truth

Second verse:
Was taught by the Preacher Man
Thou shall not lie
but is there sin in hearing them
My Heart's my religion
so for it
I'll be a hypocrite


You sprinkled me with your dust, made me your tinker bell
But in the end
it was just a fairytale.

Chorus Repeat

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