Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Shot after shot, holding the bar on his shoulders, like the Atlas Man; toasted off fermented agave, he gets lost in a world of thoughts full of Her. Lungs heavy with emotion, Love is in the air, but is it being breathed deep enough? Or is it just another exhale moment waiting to be exhaled? Day dreams of finger fondling in summer settings where fields of lavender and yellow lilies camouflage their fertile bodies, like big cats hiding in tall weeds waiting to pounce upon passing prey. Nose to nose, close cuddling on a pallet made of soft silk and freshly knitted alpaca. Hands raised heaven high, requesting that the sky turn the volume of the night up, so that they can slow dance laying down. With Her on Her side and Him spooning Her from behind, Hand on Her thigh, He moves Her hair to the side pecking Her neck with slow kisses while She grinds Her ass against his waistline. They roll around on a mattress of grass stuck together, like lint. Two peas in a pod creating a blanket of affection, warm enough to sweat out the chills of all those who came before and left things a little cold. Up the Hill, Jack and Jill, the same way they go up, is the same way they'll come down, "Together."

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