Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loyal To Her Royalty

His life with Her is only in the keyboard of phones, which is why every night before he says goodnight, he prays for a life that makes Her his wife; one that's lived outside of phones and inside of a Huxtable-family kind of home. He envies the tattooed vine that grows along Her side because he wishes he could be that close to Her. Focused on Her hand, he notices that a permanently inked ring already sits upon the finger meant for marrying, but She swears it can easily be removed. A Midwest Gal with sin city dreams, sprouted from the soil of the "Show Me" state, so he challenges Her, "Show me!!" Whether already spoken for or just held in place with a promise, to him She's Royal. A Queen named King, but it's more than just a maiden, because Her power rules and has him loyal, wanting to kneel before Her feet, praying that She someday knights he.

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