Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Peering through the glass that separates their worlds, he's struck by Her speechless Beauty. Nose wide open and caught up in the potent scent of Her attractive maturity, he wears his emotions tight, like winter mittens, and like winter mittens he wants to keep Her warm. Superman with no cape, but he wants to rescue Her from the villains who aim to destroy Her faith in matrimony. Overcome with enamored aspiration for Her Hot Latin Couture since the day She was first conceived in the keys of his touch screen, he tries with lazy effort to dim the light of Her life that lights his screen bright, to avoid being blinded, but like a moth to a flame it only draws him nearer. Designed by God's divine hands, there's team spirit in Her knitting so in Her quilt is where he wants to be woven. And as She skillfully models all the colorful fabrics of Her life, like a storefront mannequin, without blinking or breathing one word of malicious malice, he adores Her character and marvels at Her fortunate figure on display. But She's more than just a figure on display, She's a portrait of Pretty Passion on display. A Woman of a few words, but even in silence She speaks loud wisely, giving Her a voice that speaks his language fluently. Staring through the pane with compassion for Her pain, he dreams of breaking the pane, jumping inside Her space and taking the pain away. A fan of Her fashion, but he's more than just a window shopper peering through Her window, he's a shopper peering through Her window shopping for that priceless wardrobe designed by Cupid called "LOVE."

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