Monday, June 27, 2011

BBM Love Affair

In that space between Like and Love he smells Her sex appeal and it's sweet. 5'3, but She's a giant to him. Coke to his nose, She has him constantly high, like he's Carlos Irwin Estevez. On a moody Monday he met Her in a chat room while fingering his phone in the bathroom and it was a meeting that changed his mood from June gloom to bright Valentine red, the color of Love and the primary they both favored as their favorite pigment. He sensed early on that he'd one day deserve Her call, but as long as he was down to earn Her call. Hypnotized by Her tone he anticipates Her ringtone, like some Pop Star's biggest fan dying to hear them sing their favorite song. But a fan of Hers he is and he vowes to wait outside the window of Her life; rain, sleet and even if Sahara decides to get snowed in, until She's ready to invite him in. Warm and cuddly in Her arms is where he wants to rest in. Deep and Passionate inside Her kitty is where he wants to play in, cleaning Her walls with repeated licks, his tongue has "OCD" and for Her satisfaction he is tidy. Happy with how the flow is flowing he begs, "please flood my world with your Beautiful storm. My appetite for your sweet peach is greedy so please feed me obesely."

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