Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brain Bawling.....

....With time, eyes start to see and notice things that they've never seen or noticed before; like certain aches, bruises and pains, and with no clue on how they got there, before and after before. Guess while in the midst, while in the thick of being hurt, the soul, and be it warranted or not, finds excuses to numb. Uneventful days become the day's event, more and more each day as storm harassed-seasons staggeredly pass. Drifting in the wind with nowhere to land, like lost ballons in the wind, until the air inside just evaporates, completely let out. Hit walls become standard housing, boxed in from all the un-hurdled obstacles. "Father's legs," running in place only gets the runner one place, "No Place!!" Still time becomes real time, motionless makes emotions more than less, "Depressed!!" Stressed to be a better self with no proper step, bowlegged and pigeon toed stumbling thru life with a weird kind of plant, expecting life to spoil and pamper the traveler by adjusting the ground underneath to balance the unbalanced. Fish scales littered in goalless streets represent the weak, "No Meat." Hooked on complaining, that's all that will ever be caught in a day's catch, is "Complaints." Hunt for Heart, Humility, Faith and Strength and throw misery back for only the miserable to feast, for there are much bigger dreams in the deep sea of bottomless potential to be dreamed and achieved, but eyes must first see the possibilities clearly and believe in what's being seen clearly......"Don't be one to blink thru it, Be One To See Thru It!!


  1. Thanks for the message bro, It's me again ( Anonymous Commenter on "War of the Love's Rewrite") You inspire me so much and I figured out you post once a month and I'd be very glad if you post more often.. At least a few lines. I appreciate everything you write up on here.

    1. Hey!! Thanks again for reading. I Appreciate Your Support. Thank You. I will write more