Tuesday, January 8, 2013


....Every Woman I meet or have met at first introduction, my intention or intentions are to do more than just meat Her. To do more than just sleep with Her for ego, or to do more than just one night Her by deceiving Her. No, She gets the lead in my dreams with no audition, with all the bells and whistles ringing like it's Time Square at 12mid New Year, and without ever having to cast couch me. It's honestly-honest, but then life happens; feelings don't parallel, second thoughts are heavily thought, emotions aren't mutual, dreams don't fin fairytale and there's no yard with the picket fence future in either one of our futures, when either one of us or both just wants to live single in a single. And sometimes, more often then not these days She's the decider who decides to just be casual. The bundle of energy who chooses to be disconnected while still choosing to connect. Maybe it's a defense to fence in Her Love&trust, and fence out Her pain&hurt. Or maybe She's just been numbed by all the bad choices made, or by all times She's been played and just stopped giving a F%#k!! We become just a temporary part to fill in the missing parts temporarily. How did we get here? Better yet how do we get out of here?

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