Monday, August 12, 2013

"Purple Rain"

.....Babies Tears and Eggshells he walks on. But magic carpets and day dreams he floats on. It's the steel in Her smile and the Goofy in Her tickle, "Her laugh" that quakes his giggle silently loud. It's the freedom between Her thighs and the Love in Her Heart that hides, but seeks to be found. It's  Her taste in music, Her fiend for rhythm. It's Her soul's addiction for social venting. Her Living with no apologies. Her Life's Limits, there are none. Her curves; his fingers fiend to trace and walk on, dance on and whisper kisses on. Her desired flavor; this month, the next, the next after that, then after that and so on. Her elusive presence; hardly seen so the hunt for Her breed intensifies. Her trophy, "Top Prize." Goose bumps rise like mini mountains and lust trembles his body, like bass beats. An atheist he'll be for this Beautiful Devil......."Amen!!"

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