Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Annoyed With Being Annoying........

......Annoyed with being annoying. Avoid being voided is the voyage. "Strike one!!" No two or three, can't afford it. Swing for the fence, not the bench. She claws, like lions fighting when clawing. Serpent of the night, She chews and spits them out, "Praying Mantis." In Her hive is where the bear wants to bee, licking Her honey til it's bare and all honey free. Dreams Dream Too Dreamy. Cup on empty, begging for it to spilleth over, runneth over. Her Faithful Parishioner, thirsting for Her Holy Water. Fighting thru the Knights, night after night for a seat at Her RoundTable. Next to them his sward  appears dull, the curse, not the weakness of being a Lover and not a fighter. "Annoyed with being annoying."

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