Monday, December 15, 2014


........Knight and Shining, "Her Armor."
But is the weld well? Jousting doubt for the prize, "Her Heart." No keys to Her chastity, trying to break the lock. "Rapunzel, let your hair down and climb away with he. For there is far more beyond that tiny little window that is trying to make you believe that you have seen all that you can see." A Sleeping Beauty She's been. Kiss he, and wake up from all the years of lost dreaming, to finally dream the dreams that remind you that you're living. Summer in the winter, an available nose flares wide open smelling the fresh scent of resurrection. Her Resurrection. It's redemption. No victim, The Victor. Losing is the illusion, winning is the real magic. She is magic. Seen all in Her eye; Her third, right and left. Sexy!! She flaunts Her appeal, confident appeal, like nice legs in mini skirts and high heels. Drawn to Her light trying not to be blinded by Her taste for extreme thrill. To avoid becoming just another face in Her option race. "Knight and Shining, "Her Armor." But is the weld well?" 

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