Wednesday, August 3, 2016

An Eye For An Eye........

........Liking someone more than they like you is such a tough feeling to navigate. Most crash before the driving ever takes place. It's an Emotional Battle with Balance. You fiend for them to miss you the way you miss them, even if it's only been a few seconds, minutes, or hours elapsed between the time you last spoke with them. You fiend for them to get lost in that same space you've gotten lost in, where day dreams of sentimental scenes starring them are dreamed. You desire them to desire the same desires as you do and more. You kiss the back of your hand simulating a kiss between your lips, and you hope they simulate the same kiss you've kissed. First and last to text, you wish for the wins to be neck and neck, both beating one another to the punch evenly. The climax you reach for putting smiles on their face, you hope they lust the same kind of orgasmic. The Proactive-Premeditated Effort you put toward their Happiness you crave they're just as calculated. It's not about an eye for and eye, but it's an eye for an eye. Hand to hand, you practice clutching your fingers together so that you're familiar with the expression "As One" when you're fingers finally meets theirs, and you wish for your dedication to be a dedication they're just as dedicated to. Head resting on hands palm to palm, you pray to Jehovah, Jesus, or Allah and beg that one of them is listening, so that the message reaches them, "Her" clearly. Liking someone more than they like you is such a tough feeling to navigate.

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