Friday, July 10, 2009

"Young Men there is Light"

Young men's absent dads conceal a pair of
very cold hands. No hope thoughts turn
great thinkers into brainless heads.
Seeking answers? Research family trees;
generations after generations have been confined
to the hood charged with hard
times, "POVERTY." Mission is to dig a way out.
Study the struggle of those who came,
conquered and went before us. Freedom to
feel worthy is a gourmet taste. Rich with
Focus and devise a plan for the
great escape, no longer can we allow the
world to pass us by like marching bands; "It's
a new year." Well composed, note for note
the melody of getting goals accomplished
is a sweet song. Self strength is always on
trial so defeat, never retreat and stare adversity
in the eye. For only the runts with no will to
push aside....DIE!!

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