Thursday, September 24, 2009

A.D.I.D.A.S "All Day I Dream About She"

Hand asleep, resting on the back of my head, I am chilling, like a Rasta in a hammock, on some Caribbean beach drinking ice cold ginger beer. My left leg stretched, hanging off the end of the mattress, I'm only 5'7, but I'm in a kiddy bed. Right foot is white girl butt...."Flat,"on the sheet with my knee pointing high, like a snitch on weed...I am thinking of Her. My eyes are the color of Cardinals, shaped like Valentine candy; Love is what I see. Wrapped around Her life, like ring candy is where I'd like to be, but is She sweet? Will She have me hyper, like children wired off Jelly Beans? Or will She leave me numb and real veggie, like children drugged off Ritalin? They say "Only time can tell," but I speak now because I don't always understand time. So am I dumb and the opposite of right for being stubborn and set on what I like? Is the flush flirting too forward and only just fooling feelings round? Is She a talker now, but a mute when things get a little too serious? They say that if you have to ask yourself these many questions then it isn't meant to be, but who are they? What do they know about what's meant to be if they've never created no world in seven days or parted any sea's? Together we are Gods because heaven is what we create and not what "They Say!!".
Photo Model: Nnenna Agba

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