Monday, September 21, 2009


Squeeze five prayers in the air with hopes that my aim for God's Heart is a bulls eye, and if I miss I'll cross my fingers and toes and wish that the strays find away to hit Allah and every other deity in their extremities multiple times. Baptised Christian, but I don't remember, so my faith still believes that Heaven is up and that Hell is down just because this belief has been taught to me to believe, since being a crawler, low to the ground.

Grammies favourite Grand B, but I neglect the old Lady, like home nursing. I'll miss Her when She's gone, maybe that's why I've disconnected myself so early, so that when She is gone I'll already be used to missing Her.

Coast Cruising on a Cool Cali night, mixed with a head full of heavy thinking makes me dream magical, like Walt Disney, but ain't no fairy in me so I'm always ready to knuckle up with life when trying to paint me timidly. Graduated high school, but that's where the schooling stopped and the real schooling started. Between the sky and the cement on the campus of Crabs in a Barrel Uni V, I was taught survival by Professor Hustle. A Graduate at the top of my class, I payback my life's loan by investing in the "each one teach one" plan, so I mentor the weak in hopes that they'll catch the same itch for success that I caught without fucking their lives away.

Storied stories read between the pages of me, like well written screenplays. Steady trying to understand me, so I'm always reading me, over and over and over again until I have all the pages loaded in, like a Sony reader. Mistakes are four play for Miss wisdom so I'm usually pretty promiscuous with the Lady. I view failure with tunnel vision because I'm not trying to see it around me. I'm the product and the prophet so no one can ever sell me short but me and I'm not into doing bad business with myself, like Black People so I'll always spread the wealth amongst myself, like Jewish People. No road will ever end because I'll hit reverse, turn around and do it all over again.

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