Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kong and The Dame

He let the King swing between Her limbs, like Tarzan, and now She wants to cage him, like Kong. Angry Barons can't stand to see Her in the palm of his hand so they spend their air trying to shoot him down, but this ain't no movie because in the end the Beast stays on top and the Beauty he wins. Activists against happiness, wander about all confused by how in the hell it is She tamed the animal with just a stick; but it's the trust and respect that makes it more than just a stick. Predicted by scholars and recognized by scientists, this is the future and the formula for Love. And If Nostradamus was Cupid then it would be written. If their meeting had a name it would be "The Big Bang;" Two stars sharing one space, hugging high in a universe of Passion. This Romance is cosmic!!

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