Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Close Encounter Of The Love Kind

Vine, grape, then wine, they get better with time. Below Her window he stands with a guitar in hand, a one man band singing a pitchy, acoustic, slow version of "How much I Love You" and for no particular reason why, he just wants Her to be reminded of why. And perched upon Her window, Beautiful and shimmering in Her colorful splendor, She chirps with an Angelic voice, balancing out their harmony because She likes to back him up. From gloomy gray to bright blue white, Her smile re-paints his sky. And he is the ray of light that pierces thru Her life's darkest moments. Studied and prodded by experts, they are the future and the formula for Love. Together the seasons change; Winters become Sensual Summers and Rain Storms become Hugging Heat Waves. Inspired by their Romance the Universe politely grabs Space by its belt for a dazzling slow dance to comets ah crooning and asteroids ah whistling, rotating in reverse, dipping into a perfect pirouette, their Love is out of this world. Shaking up the norm of how the earth usually quakes, the ground now moves when they move because it too wants to follow in their footsteps. Vine, grape, then wine, they get better with time.

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