Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Morning

It's morning and the sun is on his side. A place he dreams She'll one day occupy, by his side, fugitives for Love, shackled tight for the rest of their lives. He knuckles the coldness of past hurt from the corners of his eyes, where the tears once jumped down his cheeks committing a watery suicide, so that he can clearly see the promise between the parallels of their lives. He stretches his arms high, lightly scratching God's feet with the tips of his  nails, playfully thanking He or She for blessing Her with he. Now that wasn't a vain line, but like the two of them, it just rhymed, a perfect fit, like when they connect power lines, their bond is "electric!!" Yawning Her name as the blinds part wide, blaring a halo of light thru the window pane, She's the first sentence formulated when he awakes because She's the first thought on his brain so what else is there to say? But he wonders, will She age with him, like a fine Cab Sauvignon or will She just come and leave prematurely, like a teen making Love for the very first time, coming way to fast out the gate, like a pony in a race? It's morning and the sun is on his side........

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