Monday, May 23, 2011

She's Not A Riddle, But Is Her Love?

Upon Her emotions is where he wants to sit, resting heavy, like bullion bricks on paper fences. Blessed with a knack for attracting a bunch of Hungry Jacks because of how fluffy Her cakes are stacked, he reacts and attacks the opposite of Mack's. Always pressed with being his own kind of chef, uniquely weird, but with an old fashioned, compassionate taste for the sweeter things in life, and judging by Her flavor he knows that there's more to Her dish than just being hot. She has a Heart as big as that London clock and it chimes Love loud when Her little hand strikes twelve with his big hand. Rotating an earth size of feelings, strummed between their strings sing a pretty tune, like a ballerina music box. A sweet harmony that's candy to his ears, tasty, so he keeps craving for more. There's something in the cards so he wants to play the hand. Wedding band, boyfriend or bestfriend? Or could all three be in the plans? 
Questions and answers are soulmates, so together he hopes they guide him the right way.

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